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Mobile Jaw Crusher

What is a mobile jaw crusher

Mobile jaw crusher is the latest stone crusher machine and mainly used for metallurgy, chemical engineering, building materials and other industries which usually require moving work, especially the construction of high-speed way, railway. Customers can adopt several configurations according to different demands of raw materials, working scales and finished products.

Application area

The mobile jaw crusher plant greatly expands the application of coarse crushing, and it combines primary crusher with the secondary crusher (cone crusher or others), which has finer crushing size. The design principle of mobile jaw crusher is to stand in the customer's position, eliminate the obstacles of working sites and surroundings, and offer the facilities with the features of high efficiency and low costs.

The main equipment of mobile jaw crusher is fixed frame, jaw crusher, feeding machine, vibrating screen, conveyor, motor and control cabinet, etc. The outstanding feature of the equipment is environmental protection.

Main parts

So how can mobile jaw crushers be environmentally friendly?

From the aspect of feeding inlet--engineers found that when conveyor transferred materials to the inlet of jaw crusher, the dust will rise when materials falling. And this is the main reason for polluting working sites. 

However, the mobile jaw crusher overcame this problem by reducing the different height between the conveyor and the feeding inlet to restrain the dust flow and realize environmental protection.

From the aspect of inside structure--the dust of the material is not the main reason for environmental pollution, but the dust produced in the crushing operation is the fundamental cause.

The mobile jaw crusher optimizes and upgrades the crushing cavity of the jaw crusher, strengthening its tightness, so that the dust produced in the operation can stay in the crushing cavity and be discharged with the finished products. The dust can be discharged from the dust collector by sorting at the discharge port to realize the environmental protection of the mobile jaw crusher.

Mobile jaw crusher and fixed jaw crusher

When mentioning the jaw crusher used for the primary crushing, the insiders are very familiar with it. Thus, the mobile jaw crusher refers to the jaw crusher that is loaded by the mobile crushing plant. So compared with the fixed jaw crusher, what are the outstanding features and performances of mobile one?

Differences between mobile and fixed jaw crusher
Mobile jaw crusherFixed jaw crusher
TypesCrawler-type and wheeled-type mobile jaw crusherSingle type, need to piling
Application FieldsWide range of applications, can be carried out in a harsh environment for crushingCan only be applied in material accumulation site
FunctionFull-featured, suitable for the crushing of various materialsSingle function, can only be applied to the crushing of ore
Investment prospectsThe characteristics of full-featured, many advantages and making up for the defects of fixed jaw crusher make its investment prospect be brightMainly used for investment in large, centralized materials

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It is not difficult to see through the table that the fixed jaw crusher has high requirements on the site and requires centralized feeding. Moreover, the fixed one and other crushing equipment are combined to form an integrated fixed crushing station which is a standard and upgraded working production line with complicated installation and not suitable for crushing requirements with strong mobility. But the mobile jaw crusher is relatively simple in structure, reasonable in installation, so the transportation is more flexible and convenient. In addition, mobile jaw crusher also has many other advantages and features.

Advantages of mobile jaw crusher

Unit integration

Complete set of performance, reasonable and compact combination, very low requirements on the crushing site.

Long life of wear-resistant parts

Long wear life of wear parts, greatly reducing the maintenance frequency.

Environmental mobile crushing

This environmentally friendly mobile Jaw crusher has a compact structure and is fully enclosed. It is also equipped with anti-noise and dust-removing devices to ensure the surrounding residents to be free from noise interference and the customers to achieve the environmental protection standards.

Cheap price

As a professional manufacturer of mining equipment, HXJQ has more than 40 years of manufacturing experience with the sales strategy of low profit and high turnover to help customers reduce the investment cost as much as possible.

Fast delivery

The products of HXJQ are mainly sold to Southeast Asia, Africa and other places, and there are distribution stations in each port. The machine can be sent to your working site within two weeks after placing an order. There are also professional engineers to explain the installation skills for you.

Advantages of mobile jaw crusher

Applications of mobile jaw crusher

Used for garbage

Construction waste has its characteristics as follows: diverse materials, mixed piles, different hardness, and the most important point is scattered distribution. To make full use of construction waste, a series of steps such as crushing and screening are required, and since construction waste is distributed in different places, it is better if the operations can be carried out hastily. At this time, the mobile crushing plant is the best choice for crushing construction waste!

After crushing, the construction waste is sorted, removed and crushed, and most of them can be reused as renewable resources, such as scrap steel, scrap iron wire, waste wire and various scrap steel parts. And then they are concentrated and re-heated for reproducing various kinds of steels; the bricks, stones, concrete and other scraps can be crushed and used for sand, plaster, concrete cushion, etc.

Construction waste crushing line

Used for sand making

With the advancement of technology and the increase in customer demand, mobile jaw crushers are favored by more and more customers, especially in the sand making industry with strong material mobility. Due to the large volume of the rock after mining, it is not ideal to use the secondary crushing machinery to crush it directly. Therefore, the feeder is required to feed the stone evenly into the feed port of the mobile jaw crusher for coarse crushing. And then, the larger size stones are transported by a conveyor to a sand maker for fine crushing.

There are many kinds of raw materials for sand making. Combined with the operating principle of the stone sand maker, it can be known that only when the processing raw materials are broken to the specified fineness and then crushed by the sand maker for a uniform particle size, so on the sand making line, the mobile jaw crusher will be used for primary crushing, and the produced large-sized stones are transported by the belt conveyor for deep crushing to produce high-performance sand.

Sand making line

Used for building bridges and roads

The construction of roads and bridges is the top priority of the country's infrastructure construction. The country's huge investment in the construction of roads, bridges and railways has supported the increase of the national economy. Due to the transportation distance, transportation mode, reserves and quality of natural sand and stone material are difficult to meet the requirements, more artificial sandstone materials are used. And the stone material production line technology has been developed.

The construction of road and bridge requires high-quality sand and gravel aggregates, while high-quality sandstone aggregates need to use high-quality crushers and sand maker. The stable and reliable complete crushing equipment is related to the quality and engineering effect of the whole project. The selection of equipment for the production line affects the quality of the product and the investment in the processing system. Moreover, due to the fixed site selection and long route of the road construction, the required materials are huge and inconvenient to transport, which means that the mobile crushing is the best choice for road building.

Customer cases

In October 2018, a customer from Nepal contacted HXJQ customer service, hoping that we could provide a mobile crushing plant for crushing construction waste. The customer's requirement is a feed size of 150-300 mm and requires a capacity of 30-50 t/h. According to the data provided by the customer and his specific requirements, the technical manager quickly contacted him and designed a construction waste mobile crushing plant suitable for him.

After many times of communication and comparison, the customer finally chose HXJQ to provide a set of equipment. The selection is HX2575E46-3S123PYB900M model, including wheeled movable crushing plant, PE-400×600 jaw crusher (processing capacity: 16-64t/h), PYB800 cone crusher (processing capacity: 35-80 t/h), GZD750×2500 vibrating feeder (processing capacity: 100-130 t/h), 3YZS1237 vibrating screen, transport length, width and height are 15200 mm, 2900 mm, 4350 mm respectively.

At present, the customer's mobile crushing plant has been put into use for several months. Through repeated visits and customer's feedback, the mobile crushing production line designed by HXJQ runs stably, with outstanding performance in terms of material size, product shape and quality, which is a great satisfaction for this customer.

Another customer from Nigeria also chose HXJQ to provide a mobile crushing plant for crushing rocks and aggregates. The following picture shows the customer's specific requirements:

The requirments of the customer
Raw materialrock/aggregate
Input size425 mm
Output sizedecided when you place order
Capacity50-100 t/h
MobilityTyre type

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Based on these requirements and data, our technical manager has designed a detailed, applicable mobile crushing line. It includes the mobile crushing plant of the HX853E57 for primary crushing and the HX3S185GYS300 mobile crushing plant for secondary crushing and screening. The specific configuration and data are as follows:

Equipment configuration table
No.ModelQuantity (set)
1HX853E57 Mobile primary crushing station1 set
2HX3S185GYS300 Secondary crushing and screening station1 set
3B650x15m Belt conveyor2 set
4B650x14m Belt conveyor1 set
5B500x15m Belt conveyor1 set

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Mobile primary crushing
Mobile crusher configurationVibrating feederModelGZD850x3000
Motor power3KW x 2
jaw crusherModelPE500x750
Motor power55kw
Car body auto parts componentsTwo-axis
Control panelSelf-coupling reduction voltage starting  75KW
Welding structural element assemblyComplete set of hydraulic tubing
Complete set of cablesShip type car body platforms
Belt conveyorsMain conveyor: B650x8.5 m 1set
Side conveyor: B500x3 m 1set
Hydraulic legs (with pump)Standard: 4 cylinder + 1 pumping station
Lift cylinder (with pump)Standard: Body tractor 2 cylinder
Safety systemLighting and alarmOne caution light and ring to protect workers
Handrail and motor coversHandrails with ladders
DimensionsTransportation size11500×2550×3540 mm
Weight32 tons

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Mobile secondary crushing and screening
Mobile crusher configurationCone crusherModelHXGYS300
Motor power90KW
vibrating screenModel3YK1854
Motor power22KW
Car body auto parts componentsTwo-axis
Control panelSelf-coupling  reduction voltage starting 184KW
Welding structural element assemblyComplete set of hydraulic tubing
Complete set of cablesShip type car body platforms
Belt conveyorsB650X15m 2 sets
B650x14m 1 set
B500x15m 1 set
B800x7m 1 set
Hydraulic legs (with pump)Standard: 4 cylinder + 1 pumping station
Lift cylinder (with pump)For lifting vibrating screen
Safety systemLighting and alarmOne caution light and ring to protect workers
Handrail and motor coversHandrails with ladders
DimensionsTransportation size14500×3000×4400 mm
Weight34.5 tons

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So far, the mobile crushing plant has been serving customers for more than one year. In the past year, once the customer has any technical problems, HXJQ will provide after-sales service and guidance in time, and go to the scene to solve problems for customers promptly.

So the customer can't help but feel:"It turns out that HXJQ is the right choice. The perfect after-sales and high-quality crushing equipment have removed my worries. And I will concentrate on expanding production and look forward to working with HXJQ for long-term cooperation."

Working site

Considerations for selection of mobile jaw crusher

With the continuous development of science and technology, mobile jaw crusher technology in China continues to surpass the foreign technology, and the domestic market competition is fierce, and the mobile jaw crusher is much expensive. Therefore, the following matters should be paid attention when selecting the models of mobile jaw crusher.

  • 1. Have a certain understanding of the required equipment model, have a general budget for the cost, and choose a more accurate equipment model, which is more conducive to improving production efficiency and saving unnecessary expenses.

  • 2. Have a certain understanding of the raw materials of the production. Different processing of raw materials and different manufacturing materials of each part will lead to different costs. If the material quality is better, the price will certainly be more expensive.

    However, if the equipment does not match with the processing of raw material, it not only affects the production efficiency but also wastes the cost. Users about how to avoid unscientific configuration must pay attention to the strength and credibility of manufacturers.

As a Chinese manufacturer of mobile jaw crusher, HXJQ has been adhering to the responsible attitude for each product and every user and dedicated to serving users. If you want to buy a mobile jaw crusher, HXJQ will be the best choice.


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