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100T/H Silica Sand Making Machine for Sale (Price and Model)

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Silica is the floorboard of vein quartz, quartzite and quartz sandstone and it is the best raw materials for making sand. After processing by sand making machine, the natural silica can be used in a wide range, which can be used for the industrial areas such as glass, cast, ceramics, fireproofing, metallurgy, building, chemical engineering, plastic, rubber, etc.

During the silica sand making process, sand making machine is the crucial crushing equipment. Silica sand making machine is carefully developed by engineers of HXJQ in recent years. It has been very popular among users since it came into the market.

Applied areas of silica sand making machine

Applied areas of silica sand making machine

Due to the different scales of the enterprises, the processing requirements for materials are different, the production requirements are different, and the model and price of the equipment are also very different.

This article will take the 100-ton silica sand making machine as an example to compare the advantages and prices of various types of silica sand making machines to help you choose the most suitable silica sand making machine.

Vertical shaft impact crusher

Silica vertical shaft impact crusher is a high efficient rock crushing machine, which is developed by introducing the crushing theory and technology from Barmag Company of America and combining the actual situation of sand making. The silica sand processed by this equipment is mainly used for building and road construction, and the finished product can meet the requirements of high-grade construction sand.

On the basis of the vertical shaft impact sand making machine, the model of HX-09 and HX-10 vertical shaft sand making machine can meet the requirements.

Advantages of vertical shaft impact crusher

Advantages of HX-09 and HX-10 vertical shaft impact crushers

Advantages of HX-09 and HX-10 vertical shaft impact crushers

  • HX-09 and HX-10 silica straight through impact sand making machines are small in size, simple in structure, convenient for installation and daily maintenance.

  • They both have the shaping function, and the finished product has a cubic structure and a high bulk density.

  • They both adopt the principle of self-circulation of airflow inside the vortex chamber to reduce dust and noise from the inside. In the sand making process, the stone material can be piled up at the bottom of the cavity to form a protective bottom layer, so that the material does not wear the machine, and the wearing parts are more durable.

  • Some wear parts are made of high-quality and wear-resistant materials, which can effectively reduce wear and prolong service life.

Parameters of HX-09 and HX-10 silica vertical shaft impact crushers
ModelMax feeding size (mm)PowerRotation speed of impeller(r/min)Capacity(t/h)Dimensions (mm)
HX-0950 mm4P 110-150KW1200-200055-1003900×2000×3070
HX-1060 mm4P 150-180KW1000-1700100-1604600×2350×3450

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It can be seen from the table that the maximum feed size, power and throughput of the HX-09 is slightly smaller than that of the HX-10 silica vertical shaft impact sand making machine, but the impeller speed is greater than HX-10, and the dimensions are smaller.

In general, the higher the impeller speed, the finer the pulverization particle size and the higher the work efficiency. In terms of price, the price of HX-10 is higher because it has a higher processing capacity than the HX-09.

Therefore, if you need a 100TPH silica sand making machine, the HX-09 silica vertical shaft impact sand making machine is more cost-effective.

VSI sand making machine

VSI series silica sand making machine is the internationally advanced high-efficiency sand making equipment developed by HXJQ Machinery with the introduction of advanced German technology, combining with the actual production of sand making and several technical improvements. The equipment is widely used in high-grade buildings, highway (railway) construction, municipal engineering, large-scale water conservancy and hydropower facilities, concrete mixing plants, etc., providing high-quality sand and gravel aggregates. Among the many models of the VSI series silica sand making machine, the HXVSI-7611 can meet the sand production requirements of 100 tons per hour.

Advantages of VSI sand making machine

Advantages of VSI sand making machine

Advantages of VSI silica sand making machine

  • The HXVSI-7611 sand making machine adopts a deep cavity rotating design to obtain a larger material throughput.

  • It is equipped with a hydraulic device, which is convenient for daily inspection and maintenance of operators.

  • The mixing crushing chamber of stone-to-stone and stone-to-iron is used to improve the crushing efficiency.

  • There is installed the dust collector and silencer, which can eliminate the dust and noise generated during the sand making process and create a peaceful working environment for the working site.

Note: click here to see the parameters of VSI silica sand making machine

Analysis of VSI sand making price

The VSI sand making machine is the most popular equipment of choice in the sand making machine market. The price of VSI sand making machine mainly depends on the following reasons:

  • Different users have different requirements for the production of sand making machines, so the purchase of models is different. Different types of sand making machines, the cost of the manufacturer is different, so the price of different types of equipment is different. The price of a small VSI sand making machine can be as low as $10,000 or $20,000, and a large VSI sand making machine would cost $70,000.

  • Furthermore, the materials and production processes of the sand making machine are different, so the quality of the equipment is different, and the equipment with good quality has strong processing capacity and high efficiency. The price of such sand making machine is more expensive.

  • There are also different economies in different regions and the development of different manufacturers is different. Therefore, the manufacturing cost of the sand making machine is different and the price of the VSI sand making machine is naturally different.

HVI sand making machine

The HVI series silica sand making machine is a new generation of products with the international level and the independent research and development features of HXJQ Machinery which introduces German technology and absorbs the advanced technology of similar products at home and abroad.

This series of silica sand making machines integrates multiple crushing modes and has become the core equipment of the artificial sand industry. It can also be used to process metal and non-metallic ores, building materials, artificial sand and various metallurgical slags for crushing and shaping.

Advantages of HVI silica sand making machine

Advantages of HVI silica sand making machine

Advantages of HVI silica sand making machine

  • HVI impact sand making machine adopts the new four-port impeller and deep cavity structure, so that the material can be processed faster in the crushing chamber, the material processing speed is higher, and the material throughput per unit time is increased by 30%.

  • HVI sand making machine adopts up- and down-adjustable type of perimeter guard plate, so that the equipment can be stressed under the perimeter of the equipment during operation, which improves the utilization rate and prolongs the service life.

  • The diamond-shaped and combined throwing head can only replace the worn parts when the throwing head fails, which greatly reduces the maintenance difficulty of the equipment and reduces the maintenance cost in the construction sand production by more than 30%.

  • It adopts the internal air circulation design of the vortex chamber, and the airflow generated during the processing of the material automatically, reducing dust overflow, low-carbon work, and being more environmentally friendly.

  • It adopts a variety of lubrication methods, the bearing chamber combines thin oil type with grease type, which can realize overall interchange, automatic maintenance and easy maintenance.

Among the various models of the HVI impact silica sand making machine, the HVI0815 and HVI0818 sand making machines can meet the production requirements of 100 tons per hour.

Specific parameters of 100 t/h HVI silica sand making machine
ModelMax feeding size(mm)Throughput(t/h)Motor power(kw)
Sand makingSand shapingSand makingSand shaping
HVI0815<30<3570-140130-2302P 75kw
HVI0818<30<3585-190165-2832P 90kw

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According to the table, the feed sizes of the HVI0815 and HVI0818 sand machines are the same, but the throughput and the motor power of the HVI0818 are higher than that of the HVI0815, both in terms of sand making and shaping.

When the customer has the common requirements for production, the HVI0815 sand making machine can meet the requirements of 100 tons of silica sand production. And compared with HVI0818, HVI0815 is cheaper and more cost-effective. If you need 100 TPH silica sand making machine, HVI0815 can meet your requirements.

When purchasing sand making machine, you must know your actual production needs in advance, as well as the properties of the materials, the requirements of the finished product size, and understand the market conditions.

Customers come to HXJQ sand making machine factory

Customers come to HXJQ sand making machine factory

It is best to compare different regions, different manufacturers and different types of equipment. It should conduct on-the-spot inspections of manufacturers, understand the manufacturer's production scale, equipment model specifications, and equipment production capacity.


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