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Cone Crusher Installation Steps and Precautions

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The cone crusher plays an important role in the fine crushing process of the industry. The safe and stable operation of the cone crush has a great relationship with the correct installation of the equipment. Next, the post will share the basic installation steps and precautions of the cone crusher.

Chassis installation

Chassis installation of cone crusher

  1. The equipment is placed based on the frame.

  2. Placement of equipment: The equipment needs to be pre-embedded according to the basic diagram (according to the user's requirements, the anchor bolts can not be used, but the pre-embedded iron should be adopted).

    A. According to the base diagram, the second filling is carried out to the position of the anchor bolt.

    B. When the secondary filling layer is hardened, the chassis should be installed.

  3. Strict horizontality should be maintained when installing the chassis. Before installation, the corresponding position of the chassis vibration damping pad should be ground and leveled, and the basic horizontality should be checked with a level meter.

  4. Maintain the horizontality of the base to ensure the dynamic balance of the equipment, thus ensuring the reliability of the machine.

Transmission components installation

Transmission components of cone crusher

  1. The bearing is hot-installed, and the position of the bearing should be ensured to be axial with the drive shaft when installing it.

  2. After the drive shaft is installed, check whether the machine is doing an axial movement.

  3. When installing the gland and the main pulley, etc., the flat contact part must be coated with a layer of sealant.

  4. The removal of the main engine pulley can be done with hydraulic devices.

Exciter components installation

  1. The exciter components include three eccentric blocks. The upper and lower eccentric blocks and the sleeve with corresponding keys. The sleeve has three sets of key grooves in different position groups which can be replaced to extend the service life of the sleeve.

  2. There are multiple key grooves on the outer side sector of the three eccentric blocks. The long key fixes the middle eccentric block by the force of the upper and lower eccentric blocks. When using the machine, the relative position of the middle eccentric block and the upper and lower eccentric blocks can be changed as needed to obtain different crushing forces.

  3. When installing and removable the eccentric block, the wedge iron with a small angle can be used to open a small space at the eccentric block which is convenient for installing and removable next time.

  4. Use high-strength steel bolts to lock eccentric block tightly, and sink the nut into the open slot on one side. If other high-strength bolts can only be used on-site due to limited conditions, it must be ensured that the bolts do not rotate 90° after sinking. Otherwise, the thin iron plates should be welded on both sides of the nut to make the nut locked tightly by the open slot.

  5. Tighten the nut to make the two planes parallel in the opening port. When applying the pre-tightening force, tighten the nut to a certain angle with a one-meter long force rod, and then lock the nut.

  6. Install the two lock pieces which should be close to the eccentric block. If there is a gap between its upper surface and the upper surface of the axial groove of the sleeve, a thin iron plate can be placed under the locking piece to compensate the gap. Then, tighten the bolts and lock them.

Exciter components and mantle bearings installation

 Bearings of cone crusher

  1. To ensure a uniform and fine contact, the sub-bearing spherical tile should be scraped to work in with the mantle steel tile. Ensure that there have 10-15 contact points per 25 mm × 25 mm on the outer ring of the spherical tile and that few rings gap are formed in the inner ring.

  2. Place the vibration exciter on the ground and install the mantle bearing on it. Put the flange on the sleeve, and install the taper sleeve and the snap ring into it to ensure that the snap ring fits into the sleeve circumferential grooves and sinks in the step of the taper sleeve.

  3. Slowly lift the mantle bearing so that the exciter is off the ground a little, and successively, repeatedly and symmetrically tighten the 8 bolts on the flange, and then lock the bolts in groups of two with wire.

  4. The correct installation of the auxiliary bearing spherical tile and the vibration exciter is beneficial to ensure the reliability of the equipment operation.

Mantle parts installation

Mantle parts of cone crusher

  1. Remove the protective oil layer from the main shaft, sphere and cone.

  2. Apply a layer of yellow dry oil to the surface of the main shaft and apply a thin layer of oil on the spherical and conical surfaces.

  3. Wrap the main shaft with thin plastic paper to prevent contamination.

  4. Place the movable cone on the iron shelf, weld two symmetrical rings on the outer surface of the mantle, and lift the mantle on the movable cone. Install the small liner, the backing ring and the cap nut ( Left-hand thread), then use a special wrench and sledgehammer to tighten the cap nut, and use a feeler gauge to check the gap between the mantle and the movable cone to make sure that it is nearly zero and the circumference is consistent.

  5. When assembling, lift the parts of the movable cone at the cap nut, gently put the main shaft of the movable cone into the sleeve of the exciter parts, and firmly make the spherical surface of the movable cone contact with the spherical surface of the movable cone-bearing to avoid the tapered tongue ring, the outer edge being overhead on the movable cone-bearing and crushing the sealing ring.

The adjustment ring installation

Adjustment ring of cone crusher

  1. Adjusting ring parts include hopper, thread ring and concave, etc. Its installation quality can also affect the stability of equipment operation, crushing effect and service life of concave.

  2. The concave and the thread ring contact through the conical surface. When installing, put the concave positive and then put the thread ring on it. Place the flange on the thread ring, and clamp the snap ring to the outer ring of the concave, then repeatedly and symmetrically tighten the bolts one by one.

  3. After installing the concave, components such as pressure iron, seal ring and hopper can be installed.

Locking components installation

  1. Determine the relative position of the locking structure and the bearing ring according to the positioning pin, then screw the adjustment ring in, and adjust to the proper position to get the proper discharge opening clearance.

  2. Always ensure that the locking structure is parallel to the bearing ring. Open the high-pressure pump station and adjust the pressure to 13 MPa, then repeatedly and symmetrically screw the ejector pins of the structural jacks one by one.

  3. Turn off the high-pressure pump and remove the residual pressure.

  4. Since the locking structure is locked by the disc spring, the high-pressure pump cannot be turned on during normal operation of the device.

Lubrication parts installation

Lubrication parts of cone crusher

  1. Lubrication units are installed according to the assembly drawing provided by the supplier. The oil inlet hose must be able to withstand a pressure of >10 MPa.

  2. The configuration of the lubrication device must ensure smooth lubrication and oil return.

  3. After installation, it should be tested first to debug the lubrication and control system. If the lubrication system is found to be faulty, it must be disassembled and repaired.

  4. It is also necessary to adjust the temperature and pressure control system of the lubrication device. By adjusting the pressure and temperature limits, check the reliability of the electrical contact pressure gauge, the temperature gauge and the reliability of the connection with the electric control cabinet to ensure the reliability of the control system.


The parts of the cone crusher will be affected by the harsh working environment when working, and various failures such as wear and breakage may occur, which may even jeopardize the cone crusher. Proper use of the cone crusher and reduce component failure rate have become a concern for every user.

The cone crusher has a complex structure and many components. The main components include mantle, concave, bearing, copper-sleeve and spring. Besides, there are distributor plates, lock nuts and cutting rings, adjustment kits and other accessories.

So how to reduce the failure rate of these parts?

Tips of reducing failures

  1. When installing the equipment, be sure to thoroughly clean all the accessories of the cone crusher, otherwise, the dust will increase the friction of the parts, causing serious wear and tear and resulting in failure.

  2. Pay attention to the lubrication of each part of the cone crusher. Ensure that the parts are well lubricated before running. Check the oil quantity after stopping and add it in time. Also, it is necessary to change the lubricating oil frequently to ensure the quality of the clean lubricating oil and the correct lubrication method.

  3. After stopping working, check the wear condition of each accessory which should be replaced in time when seriously worn, and be tightened when loosing.

  4. Control the size and feeding speed to avoid the occurrence of blockage and over-grinding.

  5. Maintain the sealing work of the cone crusher chamber to prevent foreign matter from entering the crushing chamber and damage the equipment.

  6. When replacing new parts, pay attention to the size specifications. It is recommended to select the accessories supplied by the original cone crusher.

  7. Pay attention to the maintenance of the cone crusher and its various accessories to establish a reasonable daily maintenance system.

  8. The cone crusher is widely used and occupies an important position in the crushing industry, thus its installation and precautions are important and cannot be ignored by users.


Cone crusher produced by HXJQ Machinery

The cone crusher produced by HXJQ Machinery adopts the best combination of crushing frequency and eccentricity, which makes the material to be fine crushed well. It has a stronger laminating and crushing effect, effectively improving the three-dimensional shape of the material. After the optimized design, the fault-free operation rate exceeds 97% under normal use conditions.

Perfect pre- and after-services like pre-sales consultation, design and installation and integrated maintenance services have made HXJQ more attractive to domestic and foreign customers.


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