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Single-Cylinder Cone Crusher

With the development and progress of the society, more and more people in the mining industry use the advanced single-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher to replace the old-type spring cone crusher. The single-cylinder hydraulic cone is widely used due to its lightweight, small size, high crushing efficiency, large output, good grain shape and a high degree of automation. Together with the multi-cylinder cone crusher, it has replaced the old-type spring cone crusher.

The overall appearance of single-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher

Introduction of single-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher

The single-cylinder cone crusher adopts the world-class crushing technology introduced by HXJQ Machinery. It has been rationally designed and developed on the basis of traditional crushing equipment.

It integrates mechanical, hydraulic, electrical and intelligent control technologies, and has such advantages as new crushing structures, optimized laminating crushing chamber, as well as the full intelligent and automatic controlling system, which makes the single-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher got rid of the shortcomings of the previous one, and has the unparalleled characteristics that traditional cone crusher cannot compare. As a result, it can be widely used in the intermediate, fine and ultra-fine process.

Hydraulic cone crusher has the unique internal structure and convenient discharge opening, with the functions of adjusting, preventing iron, and clearing the cavity, as well as the advantages of simple operation, superior performance, cost saving, and high productivity.

The finished product has the advantages of beautiful appearance and uniform specifications, and at the same time creates considerable benefits for the user.

Core Technology

The system of the single-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher is integrated with hydraulic, adjustment and protection.

Adjustment of the discharge port

During operation, the hydraulic oil pump is used to fill or drain the spindle cylinder, so that the spindle moves up or down, and the distance between the rolling wall and the crushing wall is reduced or increased, and the size of the discharge opening is adjusted.

Over-iron and clear chamber

When the unbreakable foreign matter passes through the crushing chamber or the machine is overloaded for some reasons, the hydraulic safety system starts working: the hydraulic oil is injected into the accumulator, the main shaft falls, the discharge opening increases, and the foreign matter is discharged from the crushing chamber. The accumulator presses the oil back and the crusher operates normally.

If the foreign matter is stuck in the discharge port, the clear cavity system can be used to further enlarge the discharge port, so that the foreign matter is discharged out of the crushing cavity. Under the action of the hydraulic system, the discharge port is automatically reset and the machine resumes normal operation.

Unique performance advantages of single-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher

The reason why the single-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher has many performance advantages is mainly reflected in many aspects.

Firstly, it is determined by factors such as the design of the structure, the material selected by the equipment, and the advanced technology. The performance advantages are analyzed as follows:

Unique performance advantages

1. Large production capacity and high crushing efficiency

The design of the crushing cavity of the single-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher is reasonable, which is 35%-60% higher than that of the traditional one. Moreover, due to the reasonable combination of equipment quality, various components, design concepts, and other factors, the production capacity of the equipment is greater and the performance is superior. The design of the main shaft is also very reasonable, and it can withstand large crushing forces and has high crushing efficiency.

2. Simple operation, safe and reliable working

The rolling wall of the single-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher introduced by HXJQ does not need to pack, and the replacement is quick and convenient. The fully automatic control system of PCL with a touch screen ensures the safe operation of the equipment.

3. Long service life

The single-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher of HXJQ adopts the concept of the constant cavity, high-quality materials, and reasonable design and manufacture, which makes the life of the lining board the longest, thus saving a lot of cost for users.

4. The finished product has a uniform particle size

After processing, the finished product has a uniform particle size, excellent quality with no impurities, which allows users to sell a good price and improve the profit of the finished product.

5. Easy to maintain and low operating costs

The design structure of the device has advantages of good sealing performance, simple and compact structure, high reliability, simple and convenient maintenance, and thus can save user's maintenance and repair costs.

6. In line with environmental standards

In order to achieve domestic environmental protection standard, the design of the single-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher has taken environmental protection into consideration. Dust removal and mute are factors that affect environmental pollution.

To ensure the smooth production of users, the environmental protection measures of HXJQ's equipment are in place. It is equipped with an advanced dust removal system, so the user's process site is free of dust and noise pollution and meets the requirements of environmental protection policies.

Application areas and processing aggregates

Application areas

The single-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher is widely used in metallurgy, construction, highway, building materials and other industries, used to process various raw materials. It is also ideal for crushing effects such as rock and ore with high hardness and equipment technology.

In the field of crushing, most of the aggregates currently processed on the market are high-hardness materials such as basalt, granite, pebbles, and metal ore which have higher requirements on the processing capacity and bearing strength of the crushing equipment.

Therefore, the overall production cost has been high. The emergence of single-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher greatly reduces the cost of producing aggregates.

Common crushing aggregates


Granite is a kind of volcanic eruption lava. It is an acidic intrusive rock with quartz, alkaline feldspar or plagioclase as the main minerals. It is a high hardness material. Compressive strength: 1000-3000 kg/cm², Mohs hardness: > 6.

Brief introduction of granite

Granite gravel usage

The principle of crushing granite is mostly broken according to natural arts and culture. It is an ideal raw material for mechanical sand and gravel for construction.

A large number of scraps from granite stone or sheet processing plants are directly discarded or landfilled, resulting in a waste of resources. Granite scraps can be converted into gravel aggregates by crushing equipment, which maximizes the value of resources.

Granite gravel has the characteristics of low water absorption, high hardness, high compressive strength, and high specific gravity, and it has become the material of choice for railways in the railway. It is also the superior aggregate of high-precision construction projects such as highways and high-speed railways.


Basalt is a mineral rock with a dense texture, often with pores, almonds and patches. The hardness and structure of basalt are related to excellent wear resistance, tensile strength, and mechanical strength. Compressive strength: 1000-3000kg/cm², and the Mohs hardness: 5-7.

Brief introduction of basalt

Basalt gravel usage

Basalt gravel is the best material for repairing stones used in roads, railways and airport runways. It has the advantages of strong pressure resistance, low crushing value, strong corrosion resistance, and asphalt adhesion. It is internationally recognized as the best cornerstone of transportation and road transport.


Cobblestone is a kind of hard rock with a bright and simple color. It has natural stone characteristics of compression, wears, and corrosion resistance. Compressive strength is 600 kg/m², and the Mohs hardness is 5-7.

Brief introduction of cobblestone

Cobblestone gravel usage

The pebbles are well-formed and have a hard texture, which can be widely used in construction, roads, bridges and other fields. It is also the best material for steel, petrochemical, public buildings, garden pavement, river embankment, lake bottom, and other projects.

Customer case

In October 2018, we received a request from a Southeast Asian-Indonesian customer who contacted HXJQ's customer development department by email and clearly submitted his request. From the mail we know that the customer asked us to provide the right equipment for crushing the pebbles they discharge from the SAG plant and informs that the 30 mm feeding size needs to be crushed to a 12 mm product size, and he is desirable to be provided the right cone crusher. Equipment for the crusher (required production capacity of 30-50 t/h of hard rock).

After we submit the demand to the technical manager, he takes into account the data and its specific requirements provided by the customer, and considers that the material that the customer needs to crush is a harder cobblestone. After a detailed analysis, the final selection is suitable for his needs.

Equipment—SC(S) series single-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher. SC100 model of SC(S) series (cavity type: F3, processing capacity: 36-71t/h, feeding size ≤ 50 mm). Through the mail, we informed the customer of the technical manager's design in detail and attached our product manual. After communication, the customer finally recognized that the equipment was provided by HXJQ.

Customer's site experience pictures

Customer feedback

"I have previously learned that many manufacturers' equipment models are not very complete. The equipment I need is not very large, but the material hardness is large. HXJQ's single-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher is customized for my needs. The processing capacity, feed size, and fineness of the machine are in line with my needs. In addition, its performance is also surprisingly based on the reasonable price, and the performance is better than ordinary machines. I am very fortunate to have found the HXJQ among many manufacturers. It is very helpful for my project. I will continue to use HXJQ' s equipment for the next project."

According to the feedback, the customer is very satisfied with the purchased single--cylinder hydraulic cone crusher, and it has a high degree of matching with his project requirements. He will continue to work with the company on project cooperation.

In the following months, we have received demand for single-cylinder hydraulic cone crushers from different regions. For example, customers from Turkey need to handle iron and copper mines in harder metal mines. The required processing capacity is 50 tons per hour, the feeding size is 0-150 mm, and the discharge size is 10 mm. The customer knows that HXJQ has complete equipment models and high-cost performance, so he has purchased a batch of this equipment.

Compared with the old-type spring cone crusher, the single-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher has not only high equipment output but also high energy utilization rate, excellent product size, and convenient maintenance and adjustment. So an increasing number customers have been attracted by our single-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher.


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