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Hydraulic Cone Crusher

What is hydraulic cone crusher?

Hydraulic cone crusher produced by HXJQ Mining Machinery has been improved and redesigned reasonably based on the traditional cone crushing equipment, getting rid of defects of the backward crusher.

Hydraulic cone crusher

Hydraulic cone crusher

HXJQ hydraulic cone crusher adopts the new hydraulic clearing system to play out the better performance. In addition, the crusher uses the grease sealing structure, which is helpful to avoid the difficulties of feed-water and drainage.

As a high-efficiency crushing machine with automation, the operation of this hydraulic cone crusher is more stable than common crushing equipment. In particular, the processing capacity of equipment are 25% than the normal crushers, greatly improving the hydraulic cone crusher's capacity.

The main applications of hydraulic cone crusher

After the reasonable improvement, hydraulic cone crusher has become one of the most commonly used devices, which is widely used for crushing high-hardness rocks and ores such as granite, basalt, river stone, limestone, andesite, etc.

Applications of hydraulic cone crusher

Applications of hydraulic cone crusher

It is often used in the industries of building materials, metallurgy, mines, fire-proofing materials, cement, road construction, etc. The finished product processed by hydraulic cone crusher has the uniform size and shape and can meet the requirements of high-grade buildings.

Internal structure of hydraulic cone crusher

Internal structure of hydraulic cone crusher

The performance advantages of hydraulic cone crusher

1. Advanced technologies and high working efficiency

It adopts the advanced motor as the driven parts, which not only improves the stability of machine, but also increases the capacity and efficiency. And in the normal operation process, the operation rate of trouble-free is more than 85%.

2. High crushing ratio and finer finished products

Crushing ratio is an important factor to measure whether the size of particles is uniform. The larger the crushing ratio is, the finer the finished product is. The feeding size of the hydraulic cone crusher can reach up to 228mm and the discharging port can be adjusted to 3mm, and the crushing ratio can be reached up to 76%.

Advantages of hydraulic cone crushers

Advantages of hydraulic cone crushers

The experiment shows that the crushing ratio of the equipment is large enough to meet the user's higher standards.

3. More reasonable design in crushing capacity

The adjustment range of this hydraulic cone crusher is quite broad. In the process of its development, we adopted a variety of cavity technology for accurate design. Each model is equipped with 4 to 5 cavity types, so its discharge particle size is adjustable, which makes very full preparation for improving the applications of the equipment.

4. Compact structure and stable operation

The internal structure is designed originally, and the connections among various parts are very compact, which is not only conducive to the smooth operation of the equipment, but also makes the volume of the equipment greatly reduced, providing convenience for the transportation and installation of the equipment.

The working principle of hydraulic cone crusher

Hydraulic cone crusher consists of upper frame, fixed cone, adjusting ring, lower frame, fixed center shaft, fixed cone, eccentric bush, gear, horizontal shaft, hydraulic station and lubricating station, etc.

Hydraulic cone crusher working principle

Hydraulic cone crusher working principle

During the working process, the belt wheel or coupling, transmission shaft and cone parts are driven by the motor to make the eccentric shaft do periodic rotation movement under the axis line. After the material enters the crushing chamber from the feeding port, it is crushed by the impact of the eccentric shaft and the fixed cone.

The hydraulic system can eliminate the material on the top of the support sleeve and the fixed cone through the hydraulic pressure.

Customer case

HXJQ in Sri Lanka

Capacity requirement: 200 tons per hour

Material: granite

Feeding size: 630mm

Finished product size: 10-20mm, 20-40mm

Production line type: fixed

Equipment models: HD98 European Type jaw crusher, HYGYS400 hydraulic cone crusher, 2YK1848 vibrating screen, etc.

Customer feedback

HXJQ Machinery has paid more attention to the foreign market in the past several years. And in February this year, Berhanu from Sri Lanka contacted us and said that he need a granite crushing line. After knowing more details about his requirement, our professional engineer introduced hydraulic cone crusher to him. Berhanu was very satisfied and reached the cooperation with HXJQ though the specific introduction from our engineer.

Customer from Sri Lanka visited our factory

Customer from Sri Lanka visited our factory

The granite crushing line has operated for about six months so far and last month, we received the feedback from Berhanu and he said: "I have little knowledge about hydraulic cone crusher, but when I visit HXJQ Machinery, the engineer introduced their hydraulic cone crusher after hearing my requirement. Though a six-month operation, I found that the whole crushing line has a low failure rate and it is very easy to operate it. Also, it has high working efficiency and low consumption, saving a lot of producing cost. And I will continue to cooperate with HXJQ in the future."

Hydraulic cone crusher price

There is a big difference in the price of hydraulic cone crusher and the price of it mainly depends on the following factors:

  • Different models of hydraulic cone crushers have different manufacturing cost, which results in the difference in price.

  • The performance of hydraulic cone crusher produced in different manufacturers is different, and the sale method of different hydraulic cone crusher supplier is different, too.

  • Unusually, the hydraulic cone crushers provided by the large company have high quality and good performance, and the prices of them are also reasonable, while the small company can't guarantee the quality of crushers.

Hydraulic cone crusher manufacturer

HXJQ, professional hydraulic cone crusher manufacturer

HXJQ, professional hydraulic cone crusher manufacturer

HXJQ Machinery as the mining machine manufacturer has committed to producing mining machines for over forty years. The hydraulic cone crusher for sale in HXJQ adopted the most advanced producing technology and the cone crusher has a large capacity and stable operation, to ensure that the production can be successive and efficient and brings more profits for enterprises.

If you are interested in our hydraulic cone crusher, please fill in the blank on the right or email us, our professional engineers will contact you as soon as possible.


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