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Mobile Crushing Station- Advantages, Configuration and Price Analysis

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The mobile crushing station can also be called mobile crusher, mobile crushing plant which is a product of the new era technology.

Its main features are that it is movable and walking freely, thus, the transition is more convenient to ensure safe operation. The station's output ranges from 10 to 650 tons per hour, and one production line can simultaneously produce four sizes of stones, sand and powder.

What are the advantages of mobile crushing station?

The mobile crusher can carry jaw crushers, impact crushers, cone crushers, vibrating screens, conveyors, etc. The complete ore processing line has significant quality, performance and price advantages, and is widely used in highway, railway, national defense and construction.

Quality advantages

The mobile crusher is developed by combining the advantages of crushing stations at home and abroad. Its unique quality advantages are mainly reflected in the following aspects:

  • Introduction of the advanced technology helps to achieve zero defects for each process, to ensure that no errors occur;
  • The materials of each component are made of Germany’s unique wear-resistant materials with a long period of parts replacement. It is more durable and can withstand the test of time and environment;
  • The design of the mobile crushing station has been developed to be as robust and reliable as a stationary crusher.

Performance advantages

  • It can be combined into a variety of different processing lines according to the user's production requirements and material characteristics. The mobile crusher has the characteristics of reasonable matching of crushing equipment at all levels, smooth discharge of the whole line process, reliable operation, convenient operation, high efficiency and energy-saving.
  • It has good maneuverability and can be extended along with the raw materials or construction site. It can also be combined in various ways to meet the needs of different materials.
  • With various functions such as feeding, crushing, screening, etc., its adaptability is more flexible and convenient, which can save a lot of transportation costs;
  • It can crush and process various materials such as quartz stone, bluestone, granite and construction waste. The broken material has a uniform particle size, complete shape and better quality.
  • It adopts an intelligent PLC automatic monitoring system to predict equipment failures, avoid major accidents and reduce the number of downtimes, fully utilizing the equipment potential, ensuring the stable operation of production lines, and improving the economic benefits of enterprises.

Price advantage

  • To a certain extent, it improves the level of equipment management. By reducing the demand for truck transportation, it can reduce the need for mine manpower and increase the overall productivity of the mine which is more than 5%;
  • With the increasing cost of transportation and human resources, the mobile crushing plant is more economical to use than the fixed crushing equipment, because the mobile type is not affected by truck transportation and increased personnel prices.
  • Mobile crusher eliminates the waiting time of trucks and forklifts, reducing idle time, and greatly increasing the economic benefits for sand and gravel enterprises;
  • Modular and intelligent operation design greatly reduces the investment cost and saves the production cost of the enterprise by more than 10%.

How to configure the mobile crushing station?

By driving method

The crawler-type: crawler-type drive has the advantages of lowering the chassis of the whole machine, strong driving stability. The whole machine can work at complex sites with strong adaptability, especially good for climbing work.

The crawler-type mobile crusher will not cause wear and tear problems, and the whole machine can be expanded, flipped and folded without being affected by the surrounding environment.

Crawler-type mobile crushing station

The tire-type: tire-type mobile crushing station can travel on the road like a car. Its remarkable advantage is that it has low requirements for road transportation conditions with fast speed.

It can also quickly enter the work site for immediate operation. The whole machine adopts steel structure which is sturdy and durable. Modular assembly makes various devices work together without affecting each other.

Tired-type mobile crushing station

By the configuration

It can be divided into jaw crusher type, cone crusher type, hammer crusher type,  impact crusher type, etc., due to the different types of crushers it carries, its function and adaptability are also different.

The jaw crusher is suitable for coarse crushing, the cone crusher and impact crusher are suitable for fine crushing, the hammer crusher can be used for one-time shaping, and the impact sand maker is used for sand making. In short, the user needs to combine his own needs when configuring the machines.

By the mode of operation

The mobile crusher can be divided into a single machine, a two-machine, and a three-machine combination.

The single-machine mode usually consists of four equipment, including crushing, screening and conveying machines;

Single machine production site

The two-machine mode usually consists of a mobile jaw crusher + a mobile cone crusher or a mobile jaw crusher + a mobile impact crusher. The two stations form a production line covering the processes of coarse crushing, fine crushing, screening, feeding and transportation;

Two-machine production site

The three-machine combination mode usually carries the screening machine separately to a vehicle chassis, and the three machines are self-contained.

Three-machine operation production site

Detailed examples of mobile crusher configuration

When configuring a mobile crushing station, there have differences between the large output and small output. Generally, the line is 40-50 t/h. The small output can be matched into one mobile station and the large one generally requires two or more. Next, let’s take a look at the specific configuration of the mobile crusher.

20-30 t/h(one mobile crushing station for hard materials)

Mobile crushing stationHD861
Jaw crusherPE400×6001
Cone crusherHXGY9101
Vibrating feederGZD750×25001
On-board belt conveyorB650×6m1

Mobile crushing station for capacity of 20-30 t/h

100 t/h(two mobile crushing stations)

The mobile jaw crusher
Mobile crushing stationHXHD981
Jaw crusherPE600×9001
Vibrating feederESW380×951
Belt conveyorB800×16m2
The mobile cone crusher
Mobile crushing stationHXTSC1601
Cone crusherHP3001
Vibrating screen4S18541
Belt conveyorB800×16m2

Mobile crushing station for capacity of 100 t/h

Supplier’s impact on prices

The price of mobile crusher has a great impact on the purchase of the customer. But the price of the machine is related to many factors, one of which is the type of supplier.

First, classification and distinction of suppliers

As far as the situation on the market is concerned, there are two main types of suppliers of mobile crushers. One is to have their own factories and sell the mobile crushing station by themselves. These suppliers are called direct sales manufacturers. And the other one is that there have no factories of its own, which means that they need to purchase the mobile crushing plant from others, and then sell the machines by themselves. This kind of supplier is called a sales-oriented manufacturer.

Second, the impact of manufacturers on the price of mobile crushers

The difference between direct-selling manufacturers and sales-oriented manufacturers is that the former is to produce their own equipment, and the latter is to purchase equipment from others.

For these two manufacturers, the mobile crusher and other equipment processed by the former are closer to the factory price. The latter, because of the price difference in the middle, will be more expensive than the direct-selling manufacturer.

From the above, it can be seen that the direct-selling manufacturers are more favorable in price. Also, for direct-sales manufacturers, the problems of after-sales and accessory support of mobile crushers can be better guaranteed.

HXJQ mobile crushing station for sale

Henan HXJQ Machinery is a direct selling manufacturer, specializing in the production of various types of mining equipment for 40 years, with advanced technology and rich experience. The production of mobile crushers includes tire type, crawler type, jaw crusher type, cone crusher type, impact crusher type, etc.

The mobile crushing station produced by HXJQ has many specifications and complete configuration. And the company will provide more excellent after-sales service for each user, fully understand the user's needs and actual production conditions, configure the user with cost-effective mobile crusher with free installation training, a regular return visit, and other services, properly solving the problems of equipment maintenance and wearing parts replacement.

HXJQ Machinery


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