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Resource Utilization of Construction Waste -- Mobile Crusher

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Construction waste is one of the solid wastes produced in the process of constructing, converting, expanding or demolishing buildings and structures. It is easy to generate in urban development. Especially with the acceleration of urbanization, the pace of housing reconstruction, road construction and modern construction has been accelerating, and a large amount of construction waste has been generated.

However, these large-scale construction waste can not be disposed of by the traditional landfill method that will lead to the "stubborn disease" of urban environmental governance.

Construction waste

Mobile crusher (also called "mobile crushing station" or "mobile crushing plant", etc.) is a new type of crushing equipment, adopting the advanced vehicle-mounted mobile technology to achieve the assignments such as crushing, screening, and feeding, etc. These devices are installed on the ship-type steel frame, forming a complete production line.

Construction waste can be crushed into the appropriate size, and finished products with the different particle sizes can meet a variety of production needs of users. The finished products can be reused in other industries, realizing the regeneration utilization and resource reconfiguration of construction waste.

Mobile crusher

Mobile crusher is an essential machine used in the crushing process of recycling construction waste. It can realize construction waste disposal, converting it into renewable resources. The mobile crusher can not only solve the historical problem left by the rapid development of cities such as construction waste, but also further promote the green development of cities. Therefore, it is quite popular among investors and users in the current market.

The advantages of mobile crusher

Advantages of mobile crusher

1. Multiple collocations make its wider applications

There are multiple collocations of the mobile crusher which can be chosen according to different requirements. It can be configured with jaw crusher, impact crusher, cone crusher, hammer crusher, sand making machine, etc. Mobile crusher can not only crush the construction waste, but also crush all kinds of ores, etc., and it is widely used in the construction of building, highway, railway, bridge, etc.

2. Mobile crusher has flexible transportation and strong driving power

Mobile crusher has an advanced actuating device that provides plenty of motivation. Mobile crusher can be divided into the crawler-type mobile crushing station and wheeled mobile crushing station.

Mobile crusher has strong adaptability, strong climbing operation, and is not affected and restricted by the production site. With the change of the site, it can promote the equipment, save the time and cost of infrastructure installation, and reduce the consumption of production cost.

3. Mobile crusher has a high degree of intelligent production

Mobile crusher independently forms a complete set of the production line with a high degree of automation. The PLC centralized control system can achieve remote intelligent monitoring operation, grasp the running status of equipment at any time, and adjust production instructions according to user’s demand.

Five factors should be considered in the selection of mobile crusher

Working site of mobile crusher

Mobile crusher is the important equipment used in the process of large-scale mining, and also an ideal equipment for crushing construction waste. However, many users do not know how to choose the suitable equipment, and the author of HXJQ will share with you five major factors considered in the selecting process.

1. Requirements for crushing capacity

The processing capacity of the crusher will be affected by the conveying capacity of the feeder. For example, if the processing capacity of the crusher is 450 m3/h, but the conveying capacity of the feeder is lower than 450 m3/h, which will definitely affect the processing capacity of the crushing station.

When choosing the feeder, the input size of the crusher should be considered. The different feeder has the different width, and the width should be slightly wider than the input size of the crusher, so that the crusher can normally operate. Or the materials would be blocked in the inlet, which will have a bad influence on the crushing efficiency.

The crushing efficiency is also affected by the volume of the hopper. If the capacity of the hopper is too small, the feeder will unload the material into the crusher chamber quickly, and there is not enough surplus material in the hopper. In the case that the truck cannot timely replenish the material, the crusher will be idled, which will reduce the processing capacity of the mobile crusher.

2. Understanding of supporting equipment

Supporting equipment of mobile crusher

Before designing the crushing line, it is necessary to have a sufficient understanding of the supporting equipment owned by the users in the open-pit mine.

Electric shovel and truck are short-distance transportation tools. If their production capacity matches the crushing station, they will make the crushing system work normally and give full play to its crushing capacity to achieve the target processing capacity, or else resources will be wasted.

3. Operating conditions of mobile crusher

Mobile crusher works in winter

Most mobile crushers are used in open-pit mines. In some areas, the temperature is low in winter, and the temperature will be -20℃, or even -40℃, so the design should consider whether the material has cold resistance.

It is necessary to consider the local earthquake, wind and snow thickness. These natural conditions brought by the earthquake, wind, and snow will have an impact on the steel structure. And the material and structural characteristics of the mobile crusher should be considered whether can overcome the impact of these loads.

4. The moving cycle of the mobile crusher

The moving period of mobile crusher is also very important. Some mobile crushers need to be moved once every three to six months, while others need to be moved once every one to three years.

For a short-period mobile crusher, it is necessary to consider that the overall structure is more convenient for frequent moving and can better adapt to the geographical environment.

Generally, the short-period mobile crushers will adopt the trestle. Instead of building expensive concrete retaining walls, simple retaining walls and steel structure trestle can be set up to carry out crushing work. The natural slope can also be used to set up a natural hopper, which can save more costs.

For a long-period mobile crusher, it is essential to consider whether the overall stability is suitable for placing for a long time, meanwhile, the crushing performance is unaffected. A long-period mobile crusher often needs to combine with the large retaining wall of the reinforced concrete structure. The load of the truck, the bearing capacity of the retaining wall, hopper in the reasonable position of the retaining wall and others should be considered.

5. Relationship between angle and distance of main equipment in mobile crusher

Mobile crusher

The most important thing in the design of mobile crusher is the relationship between the main equipment. The main devices are feeder, crusher, and conveyor.

The distance and height between the feeder and the crusher are often determined by the material’s nature and the crusher’s crushing capacity and performance. The feeder also has an angle with the horizontal plane in order to better control the flow of materials and the thickness of the material layer.

Generally, the most reasonable angle is 15°, which does not affect the flow and thickness of the material, and can greatly save the motor power. If the angle is too large, the driving power of the feeder will increase relatively; if the angle is too small, the vertical height of crusher and conveyor will also be affected.

Construction waste recycling is an emerging industry, which is beneficial to the nation and the people. The mobile crusher provides the urban renewable materials with high quality for the construction, decreases the pollution of urban construction waste on the city environment, and makes an important contribution to the city construction waste recycling.

At present, the construction waste resource is on the cusp of a major treatment, which has become a new investment hot topic. The selection of suitable mobile crusher is the key to investment.

As the pioneer of the mining machinery industry in China, HXJQ Machinery has been committed to the production and sales of large mining machinery, constantly absorbing advanced technology at home and abroad, aiming to produce mining machinery with low price, high performance and more environmental protection for customers. If you want to know more detailed mobile crusher information or consult equipment, please leave a message on the right side, we will arrange customer service staff to reply to you in the first time.


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