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Sri Lanka: Granite Sand Production Line

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In Sri Lanka, granite statues can be seen everywhere. Buddha statue, grottoes and others attract many tourists from all over the world. However, most of the granite rocks are used to make sand in Sri Lanka, which also becomes one of the incomes for them in the construction industry.

This article will share with you the most suitable and cheapest granite sand production line, and help you reduce the investment cost of it furthest. Meanwhile, HXJQ machinery has the granite sand production site in Sri Lanka, and you can have a visit at any time.

The features of granite

Features of granite

Granite and basalt belong to magmatic rocks. The differences between them are that the granite is formed by high pressure in the deep underground, and the texture of granite is much denser than the basalt. Therefore, the granite is relatively harder than basalt. The water absorption rate of granite is 0.13%, and it is colorful.

The granite sand production line mainly consists of jaw crusher, cone crusher and sand making machine. After crushing and processing, the finished stone material is widely used in the industries of building, chemical engineering, road, railway and others, and the granite sand after processing by sand making machine can meet the high-grade building production standard.

The main components of granite are feldspar, quartz, black and white mica. The granite in different regions has different forming conditions, and the composition and hardness are different. Granite is used as rock materials for construction because of its high hardness, durability and uniform structure.

Granite production line

The main equipment

Primary (coarse) crusher--jaw crusher

Due to the relatively large particle size and high hardness, the granite mined generally needs to be crushed by a jaw crusher.

Jaw crusher has the superior wear resistance and impact resistance, and its adaptability is very flexible. The operation process is more safe and reliable, the failure rate is ultra-low. It is the ideal and coarse equipment for crushing granite on the current market.

Granite jaw crusher

Secondary crusher--cone crusher

The cone crusher is used for the medium and fine crushing of granite. It adopts the laminating crushing principle. The fineness and uniformity of the crushed granite material can meet the production requirements of the processing plant.

In addition, the equipment is equipped with an intelligent overload protection device, which makes the failure rate lower during the operation. The crushing efficiency and the output are greatly improved, and cone crusher with high performance is highly sought after and loved by domestic and foreign industry insiders.

Granite cone crusher

Shaping and making sand--sand making machine

The sand making machine is used for the shaping of granite after crushing, which can greatly reduce the needle-like materials. It can re-process the finished material produced by the cone crusher.

Granite sand making machine

Its self-circulating system inside the vortex chamber can reduce the dust pollution greatly; all the easy-wearing parts of the equipment are made of high-quality and wear-resistant materials.

Some wear parts are made of super hard and wear-resistant materials and are small in size and light in weight. All the wearing parts are easy to replace and have a long service life; material self-lining in the crushing chamber can greatly reduce maintenance costs.

Solutions for granite production line

Due to the high content of needle-like pieces and cracked gravel in granite sand, the selection of crushing processing equipment for granite production lines is very important.

In the case of production, the processing of the production line requires the use of two or more crushing equipment for material processing, or sand making machine for shaping the crushed material, so that the granularity of the finished material has less content of the needle-like piece.

It can be seen that the investment cost of equipment is also a large part of the investment in building a granite production line.

Common solutions for granite production line

Solution 1: vibrating feeder + jaw crusher + cone crusher + vibrating screen

Solution 2: vibrating feeder + jaw crusher + cone crusher + sand making machine  + vibrating screen+ sand washing machine

Sand making machine plays an important role in the second solution. It is used to re-process the finished product crushed by the cone, which is mainly suitable for customers with high requirements on aggregate size and grading.

Granite production line flow

Granite crushing flow

  1. Large granite is fed into the jaw crusher for primary crushing by vibrating feeder at a constant speed.

  2. The crushed materials are transferred into the cone crusher for secondary crushing by the belt conveyor.

  3. The material after the secondary crushing is conveyed to the sand making machine for shaping and fine crushing.

  4. After shaping and fine crushing, the materials are conveyed to the vibrating screen for screening and classifying, then the materials which can meet the requirement of particle size are conveyed to the finished material pile, and other materials are conveyed to the sand making machine for re-crushing and shaping.

  5. The sand washing machine can be equipped according to the real needs, and it can help reduce the dust or other impurities and improve the quality of granite sand.

  6. According to the environmentally friendly needs, the dust removal devices can be added to prevent the working site and worker around from the dust pollution.

Analysis of the investment cost for granite sand production line

The cost of purchasing crusher for sale

The cost of purchasing granite crushers accounts for most of the investment. There are a lot of crushers for renting in the current market, but the crushers usually have low efficiency and high wear ratio.

However, crusher for sale can help improve the working efficiency, and the manufacturer is responsible for maintaining the equipment they sold. HXJQ has the full set of granite sand production line at a low price, which can help you save a lot of money.

Material cost

Material cost mainly refers to the mining cost of granite materials. This is also a part of the investment cost of the granite sand production line. It is directly linked to the user’s production requirements. If users need higher yield granite products, they need to mine more natural granite.

Labor cost

Labor cost refers to the capital spent by operators of granite sand production line and is also an important part of the cost of granite sand production line. To reduce labor costs, users are advised to choose a more automated sand production line process.

Land cost

In order to save the investment cost of the granite sand production line, the user should choose a compact production line design and formulate relevant saving measures when designing the production process, which can indirectly reduce the investment cost.

Other costs

For the granite sand production line, in addition to the above investment costs, according to different customer production and construction, some will include water resource costs, electricity costs, environmental protection costs and various maintenance costs.

HXJQ Machinery in Sri Lanka

In March 2019, Mathilu from Sri Lanka contacted HXJQ and he told us that he wants a granite sand production line with the capacity of 100 TPH and the finished size is in the ranges of 0-5mm, 5-15mm, 15-25mm. After receiving the message, HXJQ arranged for our engineer to get in touch with this customer.

Our engineer asked the specific requirement and estimated investment, and designed the complete sand production line which composed of the GZD-750×2500 vibrating feeder, the PE-600×900 jaw crusher, the PSG1313 cone crusher, the VSI-7611 sand making machine and the 2YK1535 vibrating screen, etc.

Working site in Sri Lanka

Firstly, the large stone is fed into the PE-600×900 jaw crusher for primary crushing by the GZD-750×2500 vibrating feeder. Secondly, the materials crushed by jaw crusher are transferred into PSG1313 cone crusher by belt conveyor for secondary crushing.

After the secondary crushing, the materials are transferred into the sand making machine for fine crushing, and then conveyed into the 2YK1535 vibrating screen for screening. The screened materials in the size of 0-5 mm, 5-15 mm and 15-25 mm are collected in the different finished product pile respectively. And the materials larger than 25 mm are conveyed into the sand making machine for re-crushing and shaping.

Customer feedback

After this cooperation, Mathilu gave us high evaluation. He said: “We were holding the mentality of uncertainty and let HXJQ build a granite crushing production line for us, not only the output was improved, but when crushing different kinds of granite, HXJQ technicians also provided us with patient guidance to improve production. Their service is very enthusiastic and thoughtful, and we look forward to working with them again.”


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