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The Common Questions of Mobile Crushing Plant and Corresponding Solutions

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The mobile crushing plant is also known as a portable crushing plant and mobile crushing station, which is one of the most common mobile crushing equipment used in the process of crushing stone and making sand.

This article will answer all the questions of mobile crushing plants, hoping you can get help. For questions not covered in this article, you can also leave a message on the right or send us an email, we will answer you as soon as possible.

Q1: compared with the fixed crushing plant, which production type is the mobile crushing plant suitable for?

Mobile crushing plant, the most advanced crushing machine

Mobile crushing plant is the most advanced crushing equipment than all other crushers, and it is very popular among investment enterprises and mine owners because it has good crushing performance, large capacity, and wide applications.

However, it should be noted that may the mobile crushing plant be not a good investment project for every crushing equipment purchaser. So what kind of crushing type is the mobile crushing plant suitable for?

First, the mobile crushing plant is suitable for the crushing type with a large capacity requirement, and the reasons are as follows:

The mobile crushing plant has a large capacity

The mobile crushing plant can not only carry various crushers and machine in several models (such as jaw crusher, cone crusher, impact cone crusher and sand making machine, etc), but also operate with other machines, which makes a large capacity.

The mobile crushing plant can be used as a complete crushing line

The mobile crushing plants are combined with each other

The mobile crushing plants are combined with each other

For mobile crushing plant, it is called “plant” rather than “machine” for one reason that it is a combination of multiple devices, such as feeder, crusher, conveyor, screen, and other machines, and another reason that it has a high crushing efficiency so that it can satisfy large capacity requirement, that is if the materials is not fed timely or inadequately, the investment in mobile crushing plant is not cost-effective.

Second, the mobile crushing plant is suitable for the working site with tricky terrain.

The mobile crushing plant has strong flexibility and mobility.

The mobile crushing plant can be divided into two types: wheeled type and crawler type, which is suitable for various mines. Especially the crawler-type mobile crushing plant adopts the track driven method, which makes transportation more convenient.

The mobile crushing plant adopts different crushing equipment, carrying on the independent mobile chassis with the short wheelbase and small turning radius so that it can move in different terrain freely.

Mobile hammer crusher plant

Mobile hammer crusher plant

For example, there are many rich mineral resources in many areas of Saudi Arabia, but various reasons such as topography will bring a lot of inconvenience to production and processing. Therefore, most customers of mine crushing investment in the country often choose a mobile crushing plant to get economic profits.

In addition, due to its high configuration and high technology, the mobile crushing plant is much more expensive than a jaw crusher or a cone crusher. Therefore, customers who want to buy a mobile crushing plant should have sufficient funds. In this way, the mobile crushing plant is more suitable for companies that are rich in processing materials and have sufficient investment funds.

Q2: What are the reasons for the low production of the mobile crushing plant?

The most attractive feature of the mobile crushing plant is its strong production capacity. But when the output of the mobile crushing plant becomes lower, what is the cause, and how to solve it?

The reasons caused low production of mobile crushing plant

The reasons caused low production of mobile crushing plant

1. Too many materials are piled up inside the cavity.

If the materials are over wet, it will be piled up inside the cavity which will cause blockage during processing the materials, resulting in the inefficiency of the equipment.

If the material is too wet, it should be dehumidification, and then carry out the crushing work.

2. The vibration is unstable.

Irregular vibration and vibration of the mobile crushing plant: there may be problems with the hammers. It is necessary to check timely and replace the hammer if necessary. It may also be problems with the bearing and gear coupling. It should be replaced in time to make the vibration smooth.

Mobile crushing plant

Mobile crushing plant

3. The finished products have irregular sizes.

When the particles are too fine, may there are too many hammers or teeth in the jaws. Then they should be reduced in time. When the particles are too coarse, the hammer or jaw may be less, and they should be increased immediately. It is also possible that the conveyor belt is too loose or the voltage is insufficient. In this case, adjust the tightness of the conveyor belt, check the voltage power, and adjust to the appropriate voltage.

4. The shaft and bear are overheating.

The shaft of the mobile crushing plant bears the full load of the machine. If the bearing temperature is too high, the oil may be insufficient, then you need to add proper amount of lubricating oil; if the lubricating oil is contaminated, you need to clean the bearing and then change the lubricating oil; if the bearing is damaged, you need to replace the bearing and lower the temperature.

If the mobile crushing plant has a poor lubrication effect, the parts that are easy to be worn are not replaced in time, and the maintenance is not perfect, all the above factors will lead to bad production. If the equipment is in trouble and maintenance is performed, the production will be reduced.

If lubricating the mobile crushing plant according to the lubrication cycle, it will prolong the service life of the mobile crushing plant.

Q3: Can construction waste be used instead of sand after being processed by a mobile crushing plant?

The answer is yes.

At present, the natural sand and gravel are in short supply. The production of artificial sand should be conducted immediately, and the source of artificial sand material is extensive, the production cycle is short, and the construction waste is processed into the sand as a substitute for natural sandstone.

So, how to process construction waste into artificial sand?

Based on the wide distribution of construction waste and the mixed composition, it is generally suitable to use a mobile crushing and sieving machine. The waste mixture will be crushed by the mobile jaw crusher for the first time to form a mixture of uniform particle size, and then subjected to circular vibrating screen and air separation equipment to purify, screen, separate waste paper, plastic sheets and other debris.

Various mobile crushing machine

Various mobile crushing machine

There are three main steps to make construction waste into the sand, including crushing, sand making and screening:

1. Crushing

Mobile jaw crusher plant

Mobile jaw crusher plant

The crushing process is mainly carried out by high-efficiency coarse or medium crushing. Generally, the mobile jaw crusher or the mobile impact crusher can be used, which can effectively crush all kinds of block materials and achieve semi-finished products with uniform particle size.

2. Sand making

Mobile sand making plant

Mobile sand making plant

The sand-making part is generally conducted by the mobile sand making machine, and the sand-making and shaping are carried out simultaneously. The semi-finished products conveyed by the conveyor belt are finely crushed and super-finely crushed to make the finished product size and grain type required by the user.

Construction sand is mainly divided into coarse sand, medium sand and sand washing, coarse sand: average sand diameter is not less than 0.5 mm, medium sand: average sand diameter is 0.35 to 0.5 mm, fine sand: average sand diameter is 0.25 to 0.35mm. After the construction waste is processed by the mobile sand making machine, the above grading can be achieved.

3. Screening

Mobile crushing plant

Mobile crushing plant

Screening mainly plays a role of inspection, and the materials after crushing or sand making are inspected. The materials after reaching the standard are transported to the pile, and the materials that are not up to standard can be returned to the crushing chamber to re-crush.

At present, the crushing and sand treatment of construction waste has a most suitable machine--the construction waste mobile crushing plant. The mobile crushing plant covers the whole fixed production line and has the following advantages:

  • High pulverization efficiency, and good aggregate size. The machine can completely separate steel and concrete, and improve the grade of the finished sand.

  • The layout of the mobile crushing plant is reasonable and compact, the floor space is small, the movement is flexible, which reduces the site resettlement cost, and improves the work efficiency.

  • The equipment can be adjusted as needed. According to the process requirements, it can be flexibly matched with various crushing or sand making equipment. The mobile crushing machine is cost-effective and practical.

  • The environmental protection of this mobile crushing plant is strictly up to standard, which is a distinctive feature of it. Compared with the traditional fixed equipment, the mobile construction waste crushing plant can achieve green production and environmental protection.

The cost of 1 ton construction waste is very low or even negligible, and the price of finished materials is roughly between $10 to 18, which is equivalent to at least 8 to 9 dollars of gross profit per ton. In addition to the water and electricity costs, the daily gross profit can reach $3000, so it seems that construction waste sand making is a good investment industry.


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