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The Comparison of Brand New Crusher and Second Hand Crusher

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Since the continuous expansion of the crusher market, the crusher application is wider and wider, and it is the main crushing equipment of industrial materials. With the booming development of the second hand market (it is also called a “used market”), many second-hand crushers (also called “used crusher”) come into our life.

Brand new crusher VS second hand crusher

And a question arose, is the second-hand crusher worth buying? According to this question, the author will compare the advantages and disadvantages of a new crusher and used crusher from the following aspects, hoping this paper can be for your reference.

First, the difference in wear parts

The secondhand crusher refers to the used crusher. For the second hand stone crusher, the vulnerable parts must be damaged in the previous crushing process in mining, which makes the service life of these parts relatively shorter than the brand new parts.

Due to these parts get worn, the crusher performance will be not what it used to be. The wear of vulnerable parts will lead to more frequent replacement, which will improve the using costs of second hand crushers and increase the later investment.

The used jaw crusher

Let’s take the jaw crusher for sale as an example:

Name of vulnerable parts

General service life (months)

Movable jaw crusher


Fixed jaw crusher


Toggle plate


Main bearing liner


Eccentric bearing liner


Spring plate




Spring rod




Slide to the right>>

In the jaw crusher, the vulnerable parts have such a long time. Once the expiration date is exceeded, the work efficiency is not as good as before. But if the vulnerable parts get replaced, more expenses will be increased.

For new crusher, because crushers are generally the large machines, the manufacturer will customize the vulnerable parts according to the requirements of customers and the nature of stone materials. All the vulnerable parts of the rock crusher are matched in advance, which makes them fit better and reduce the fault greatly to save the production costs.

Second, the difference in working efficiency

The second hand market has a large scale and there are mixed all kinds of sellers. Therefore, when purchasing a secondhand crusher, the selection of the seller should be careful. And it is very possible to buy the assembling machine.

The parts of the assembling crusher may not meet the production requirements, and the purchase channels of parts are unknown. Therefore, there are more faults occurred in the working process. Some faults may cause the machine to shut down, reduce working efficiency, and waste more manpower and materials.

Working site of new crusher

If you want to purchase a second hand crusher, please conduct a site visit and ask the seller to test the machine by your stone materials to minimize the deception and avoid more troubles caused by improper purchase.

However, the new crusher is directly sold by the normal manufacturer, all the parts are stand up to any test, and can meet the requirements of the national production standard. There is seldom machine failure caused by the parts, which saves a lot of maintenance time.

At the same time, the crusher manufacturer arranges professional engineers for after-sales maintenance services. Once there is any problem at the working site, the manufacturer will arrange for the engineer to go to the site for equipment inspection and work guidance for the first time to maximize the efficiency of the equipment.

Third, the differences in after-sales service

After-sales service has a large proportion of any machine. After-sales service not only affects the installation and use of the machine, but also affects the working efficiency and the costs of use.

After the second-hand crusher was sold by the previous buyer, the previous trading relationship has been changed. At this time, the previous buyer may not provide the corresponding after-sales service, or because the warranty period has expired, the machine is not covered by the warranty time, so once the machine occurs any failure, it will cost extra money for maintenance, which wastes more time and more maintenance expense.

After sales: professional guidance

The new crusher purchased directly from the manufacturer, the after-sales service will be provided by the manufacturer. For a series of problems that occur in the equipment, the professional engineers will give the users reasonable and accurate solutions, so that the equipment has a higher production capacity and higher work efficiency. And the equipment will be debugged without affecting normal production.

At the same time, the manufacturer will provide regular on-site service, implement free maintenance, and upgrade of the equipment, and combines the use of the equipment to explore reasonable and accurate solutions to solve problems for users and maximize the benefits for users.

Fourth, the difference in price

For the customer, the price may be one of the most important factors directly affecting the purchase. Due to restrictions on investment costs and other aspects, second-hand crushers are more attractive to low-investment customers in terms of price.

The used crushers are relatively cheaper than the new crushers due to previous use and other reasons. The price of second-hand crushers on the market ranges from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands, and the old and new levels are different.

Therefore, when buying a second-hand crusher, you can’t just rely on the picture to make a final decision. You must go to the site to check the equipment, or even take the stone materials to test the machine.

HXJQ -- the common choice of different customers

The new crusher is better than the second-hand crusher in appearance and performance, and the worn parts have not been used yet. The production process is also relatively advanced, so the price is much expensive.

However, as a famous crusher manufacturer in China, HXJQ Machinery has always used the direct-sales method to provide customers with the cheapest equipment with the best performance at the ex-factory price. There is no middleman to earn the price difference, so the price is relatively cheaper than other manufacturers.

What should be paid attention to when buying a second hand crusher?

Actually, the author does not recommend that customers choose to buy second hand crushers. However, considering the actual situation of some customers, the author will share a few points to buy used equipment, hoping you can get help from here.

1. From the perspective of appearance: observe whether there are collisions or large-area welding and replacement in the crusher.

2. From the perspective of crusher inside: mainly check the flexibility of the bearing rotation of the equipment.

3. From the perspective of the operation: observe whether abnormal noise and dust appear when the crusher is turned on.

4. From the perspective of the seller: the customer must choose the professional second-hand market or companies specializing in second-hand equipment.

HXJQ -- the reliable manufacturer


Although the second-hand crusher is cheap, it has a small contribution to production, so it is not suitable for large-scale production projects, but more suitable for small-scale production projects. When customers are purchasing for crushers or other sand making machines, mills, etc., they can’t just refer to the price, and the production demand is also very important.

In addition, it should be reminded that in the continuous upgrading of crushing technology, the cost of crusher production will be less and less, and its price will be lower and lower. So compared with the second-hand crusher without the guarantee of benefit and efficiency, it is more reliable to choose a new crusher.

New crusher VS the second hand crusher

Some customers think that the prices of a new crusher can buy two or more second hand ones. From the price point of view, perhaps this is the case.

However, it is important to know that the value created by a new crusher in a short time is sufficient to recover the cost. The new crusher has excellent performance and fewer maintenance costs. It can completely create the value that two used equipment can exert.

The HXJQ Machinery is a large-scale manufacturer, and the price of the crusher is lower than other manufacturers. Maybe the price is not cheaper than the second-hand crusher, but the equipment is very reliable and durable, and all kinds of after-sales service are available.

If you are interested in HXJQ Machinery, please fill in the information form on the right side, we will arrange the customer service staff to get in touch with you.


Steven is a professional writer in mining industry. He is wise and virtuous with extensive knowledge about this industry. And He will be very happy if he can help you.


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