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Aiming at Global Market, HXJQ Crushers Came out in Canton Fair

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The 125th China import and export commodities fair (Canton Fair) officially kicked off on the coast of the Pearl River. As a comprehensive international trade event with the highest level, the largest scale and the most complete types of commodities, Canton Fair has always been the main channel for domestic and foreign merchants to place orders every year.

And this year, HXJQ appeared with the company's most classic and the latest crusher, which attracted the merchants' focus once again and brought crushers and solutions of superior performance for users. With the iterative update of the crushing equipment, HXJQ has not only won the favor of merchants and consumers but also become the object of many brands to follow. Its leading scientific and technological level and sales performance over the years is the best demonstration.

Canton Fair

A brief introduction of Canton Fair

China import and export commodities fair, also called Canton Fair, founded in the spring of 1957, which is held during the spring and autumn every year in Guangzhou, now it has more than 60 years of history.

On the scale of a single exhibition, Canton Fair ranks first in the world and is currently the fair of the longest history, the highest level, largest scale and most complete variety of commodity in China, and also, it distributes in the widest regions with a best-converting effect and the best credibility. It is an important business opportunity for enterprises to explore the international market and develop foreign trade.

After 60 years of development, the Canton Fair has become the most credible trade promotion brand in the minds of businessmen at home and abroad.

The Canton Fair focuses on import and export trade, which is flexible and diversified and carries out various forms of economic and technological cooperation and exchanges, as well as commodity inspection, insurance, transportation, advertising, consulting and other businesses.

In the world, more and more businessmen and traders are turning their eyes to China, focusing on high-quality products and enterprises, and coming to vibrant China and the Canton Fair with boundless business opportunities. As the "barometer" and "weathervane" of China's foreign trade, Canton Fair attracts merchants from more than 200 countries and regions to gather in Guangzhou every year to exchange business feelings and enhance friendship, which is known as "China's first exhibition". Moreover, many enterprises at the Canton Fair get orders and launch their own brands, so that "made in China" can go out to the world.

customers consulting in Canton Fair

The appearance of HXJQ in the 125th Canton Fair

With the promotion of "the Belt and Road Initiative", the pace of "going out" of China's mechanical products has been accelerating, especially the export of agricultural machinery and construction machinery, and the export volume has achieved double-digit growth in 2018. The machinery exhibition area of the Canton Fair has a wide range of products covering various categories, showing the overall appearance of China's machinery industry.

In addition to the engineering and agricultural machinery in the market, large machinery and equipment, general machinery, small processing machinery and industrial parts, power, and electric power equipment are also displayed in Canton Fair. HXJQ actively participates in the Canton Fair every year, the company attaches great importance to making preparations in advance.

As a model enterprise in the domestic mining and aggregate machinery industry, the quality and reputation of our products have always been what we have adhered to, so the Canton Fair brings some good customers to our company every year. This year, HXJQ appeared with classic crushers and new crushing equipment, the innovation and functionality of the products attracted buyers gathering in front of the HXJQ booth.

crushers consultation of foreign merchants

HXJQ exhibition information

HXJQ classic crushers and newly-designed crushers appeared in Canton Fair

In this exhibition, HXJQ mainly recommended several classic crushing machines to domestic and foreign merchants and introduced many innovative solutions to improve production efficiency and reduce costs. Classic crushers such as jaw crusher, cone crusher, and impact crusher are still the focus of the domestic and foreign markets, in addition, we have launched the crawler mobile crushing station, CJ series jaw crusher, single cylinder cone crusher, etc.

New equipment, developed on the basis of the traditional equipment, has got continuous improvement and innovation to adapt to customers' stricter requirements. Classic crushers and new crushers have their own advantages, customers need to consider their own actual situation, so as to choose the most suitable crushing equipment.

classical crushers and new products of HXJQ

Jaw crusher is the primary crushing equipment commonly used in stone crushing because its welding frame structure is simple and strong. Due to its reliable performance, it is easy to maintain and repair, so that it costs little in production and construction. Until now it is still widely used in mines, smelting, building materials, highways, railways, water conservancy and chemical industry and other industries.

As classic crushing equipment, jaw crusher has many series with various types, so as to be suitable for different materials, output and different environmental conditions of crushing production.

Jaw crusher

Cone crusher and impact crusher are the secondary crushing equipment, the particles of cone crusher are often needle types with weak compression resistance, but the materials crushed by impact crusher are shaped more like a cube with strong compression capacity.

In terms of production capacity, compared with impact crusher, cone crusher has the advantages of low consumption, large output, and stable production, so it is often used in large-scale and high-output production lines.

Impact crusher and cone crusher

Classic crushing equipment can meet the common requirements with its long history and the broad market. However, the needs of customers are not uniform and invariable.

HXJQ is committed to exploring the real needs of customers, cooperating with domestic and foreign scientific research institutions, and introducing advanced German mining machinery production technology, so as to realize the update of equipment. For HXJQ, the purpose is not to update technology, but to solve the real problems of customers.

Crawler type mobile crushing station is a mobile crushing device produced by equipment manufacturers according to harsh terrain conditions. Its mobility and wide application are favored by more and more customers, indicating that its investment prospects are infinite. The crawler is driven by a hydraulic system so that it can move smoothly and adapt to a variety of complex field conditions.

And according to the customers' requirements, it can be equipped with all levels of crushing and screening equipment to fully ensure the quality. It is equipped with a power generation group to meet the normal operation requirements in case of no electricity or power failure.

Crawler type mobile crushing station

CJ series jaw crusher is a jaw crusher with excellent performance introduced and developed by HXJQ according to the market needs of customers.

Different from the traditional jaw crusher, it adopts the non-welding dismountable structure, which overcomes the deficiency of the welding frame, and is more solid and reliable. It is convenient to transport and install with the removable structure, especially for underground mines. Compared with the traditional jaw crusher of the same size, its bearing size is larger and its service life is longer. The integrated structure of the motor base and the host makes the installation easier.

CJ series jaw crusher

Single cylinder hydraulic cone crusher is newly-designed crusher integrating machinery, hydraulic and intelligent control, and combining with the optimization of laminated crushing cavity, full intelligent automation control system, which makes it different from traditional cone crusher in some incomparable characteristics, such as a variety of optional cavity types, high crushing efficiency, convenient adjustment and maintenance, excellent particle size and shape, so that it can be widely used in medium-size crushing, fine crushing and super finely crushing.

Single cylinder hydraulic cone crusher

Due to the defects of low production efficiency, small crushing ratio and short service life of wearing parts, the old spring cone crusher cannot meet the requirements of standardization and specialization in modern industries. The single cylinder cone crusher adopts the whole machine lubrication which can meet the requirements.

After the start-up of the equipment, the lubricating oil can fully lubricate the whole host equipment within 120 seconds, effectively reducing the wear and tear caused in the work in a short time and improving the service life. It is not easy to manage and improve the efficiency of the traditional cone crushing production line because of massive manpower input.

HXJQ single cylinder cone crusher can adjust the sizes of the input and output port through the touch screen, and the size adjustment is accurate to mm. In case of emergency, the equipment will automatically shut down the host machine for the first time to protect the core parts of the equipment.

Moreover, as long as the single cylinder cone crusher host is inserted in a mobile phone card and is connected to the network, HXJQ service center can provide remote assistance with the equipment operation.

The new types of crushers are easier to operate in the actual solution, with a lower failure rate and lower maintenance cost than the traditional crushing equipment, but the purchasing cost is higher. Therefore, customers should consider comprehensively for the production site, production requirements, and capital cost when choosing the crushers. HXJQ will give customers the most appropriate solution suggestions based on the actual situation.

The real scene of customer consulting

April 15 is the first day of HXJQ's appearance at the Canton Fair. In front of our booth, a large number of domestic and foreign businessmen came to consult, showing the strong attraction of HXJQ crushing equipment.

the real scene of customer consulting

Mr. Fouche from South Africa came to our booth and told our staff that his company had a production line project in South Africa and needed to deal with granite. The staff told him that granite is one of the most common rocks that our equipment can handle. Moreover, we can configure an entire production line for him to provide the most suitable solution.

Mr. Fouche asked, "I need some different discharge sizes, 10-15 mm, 5-10 mm, 0-5 mm or even smaller. Can you do that?" We told him confidently, "Of course, HXJQ will customize the production line and crushing equipment for customers. We will give you the design scheme according to your requirements, and we will certainly meet your discharge requirements. After all, our goal is to serve our customers and address their needs.”

However, when we knew that the capacity he needed was 5000 tons per hour, we told him honestly that the maximal capacity of our crushers was 2200 tons per hour, a crusher could not meet his capacity need, unless he could be equipped with multiple crushers. Mr. Fouche said that as long as the equipment was of good quality and fewer breakdowns, it would be enough to meet production requirements. We understood this and explained our equipment to the customer in detail.

In the communication process, Fouche expressed that he was most concerned about the performance of our products because in the actual production, if there are many faults, the production efficiency will be affected and the daily production volume will not be reached.

The staff told him that HXJQ has been continuously deepening cooperation with domestic and foreign scientific research institutions in the past 40 years, drawing lessons from international advanced technology to design and produce a variety of series of mining machines, using solid and reliable high manganese steel materials, so that the quality is reliable and the operation is smooth. And when there is a breakdown, we will give timely maintenance help. After exchanging the contact information, Mr. Fouche said he planned to visit HXJQ company and factory, and he was interested and confident in our products.

the communication with foreign customers

In the exhibition, the staff of HXJQ communicated with many merchants on various aspects of the products gained insight into the intention and demand of customers in face-to-face communication and configured reasonable production plans. We met a lot of customers, some requirements of them can be satisfied with our crushers and solutions, but a few demands can't be achieved. Therefore, HXJQ will continue to further study the customer market and demand, and improve the equipment through technical innovation and practice.

We are not content with the status quo, but aiming at the global market and providing customers with customized solutions. HXJQ brand was launched in the Canton Fair, and our products and services were recognized by foreign merchants. The consultation, factory visit plans and orders of merchants also increased day by day during the exhibition, which are the proofs of our strength in fact.


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