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Limestone Quarry Market and Development Prospect in Malaysia

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what is limestone

Limestone is one of the most common nonmetallic ores, which has a very wide range of applications. Limestone is the commercial name of limestone rock as mineral raw material. In the history of human civilization, limestone is widely used because of its wide distribution and easy get from nature.

Limestone is widely used in various areas

Limestone is widely used in various areas

The Applied Areas of Limestone and the Products

Applied AreasMain applications
MetallurgyCalcium oxide carrier to combine coke ash and unwanted associated elements such as silicon, aluminum, sulfur and phosphorus into fusible slag to be removed from the furnace
Chemical Engineeringfilling agent for rubber industry, incremental agent for paper making and coating, raw materials for producing calcium carbide; also widely used in the manufacture of bleach, alkali, seawater extraction magnesia, nitrogen fertilizer, plastics, organic chemicals, calcium carbide
ConstructionProcessing into building lime slurry, gravel, road asphalt batching, slaked lime, lime paste, lime mortar, aerated concrete block, coating, other wall materials
Agricultureused to neutralize acidic soil and as feed
Building MaterialsCementthe main raw material of portland cement
Glassintroduction of CaO
Ceramicintroduction of CaO
Fireproofing Materialsused as mineralizer
Sugarfilter aid in sugar making
Plastican important material in the production of nylon
Environmental protectiontreatment of industrial waste water

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It will replace plastic pipe bushing and packaging materials to be a new kind of environmental material. With the increase of market demand for limestone, it will be the most dynamic, environmental, and green material in 21st century. Limestone is not only an important and indispensable raw material in steel and cement industries, but also widely used in the industries of metallurgy, chemical engineering, power plant, etc.

It can be processed into lime powder desulfurizer applying at the area of the power plant, or processed into artificial sand applying to buildings. Limestone of high quality can be widely used in paper-making, rubber, oil paint, coating, medicine, cosmetics, fodder, etc. With the improvement of scientific technology and development of NT(Nanotechnology), the applied areas of limestone will be wider and wider in the future and the processed limestone product will gain more profit in the market.

Investment opportunities analysis of limestone in Malaysia

Limestone is used to make high-grade building materials

Limestone is used to make high-grade building materials

In recent years, the macro economy in Malaysia has maintained a growing momentum, with an average GDP growth rate of 4.9% in the past three years. The government has also introduced several ETP(economic transformation plans), aiming at promoting sustainable economic development and innovation capacity and improving industrial development and global competitiveness.

Malaysian government always pays much attention to the highway, ports, airports and power infrastructure investment and construction. In the 11th Five-Year Plan (2016-2020), a number of infrastructure projects are carried out, and the government hopes strengthen the connection among different transportation methods and different cities, and improve the safety and service level in the transportation process by a series of plans to guide the transformation of social and economic structure and improve people's quality of life.

High-quality building materials are indispensable for infrastructure construction. Limestone aggregate as the main building materials has been concerned for a long time. Due to the backward techniques, limestone had not been processed perfectly, but with the development of science and technology, more and more advanced techniques have been applied to the mining machinery industry. Therefore, limestone as a building material of high quality will be widely developed in the future.

Machines required in the limestone quarry and cost estimation

There are various types of limestone processing equipment. According to the functions and applications, the limestone equipment is divided into five kinds, and the specific introduction is as follows: (the cost estimation is referred to the usual transaction price by the author, and please consult HXJQ Machinery professionals for the specific quotations.)

1. Jaw crusher--Coarse (primary) crushing

Jaw crusher is the equipment processing limestone, and also the primary crusher commonly used in crushing fields. It can not only be used as crushing equipment singly for material processing and also used in various production lines combining with other machines.

Jaw crusher--Coarse (primary) crushing

Jaw crusher--Coarse (primary) crushing

The outstanding advantage of jaw crusher is that it has a large capacity of 2200 tons per hour because the high-performance motor is adopted which improves its working efficiency. Meanwhile, it is helpful to improve the operating status and stability of the equipment. Therefore, jaw crushers are very appropriate to process limestone.

There are mainly two series of jaw crusher: PE jaw crusher and PEX jaw crusher. A jaw crusher can meet a variety of discharge requirements.

PE jaw crusher has the biggest feeding port of 1500mm, and discharging port can be adjusted within the range of 10mm to 350mm.

The max feeding size of PEX jaw crusher is 250mm, and its discharging size can be adjusted within the range of 18mm to 90mm.

According to the market price of jaw crusher, the author offers the price of several commonly used models of the equipment to help users purchase reasonable jaw crushers.

ModelPrice ($)
Large jaw crusherPE-750×106040,000-50,000
Middle jaw crusherPE-600×90018,000-28,000
Small jaw crusherPE-400×8007,000-14,000
Mini jaw crusherPE-150×250700-2,800

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2. Impact crusher, cone crusher--finely crushing

If the finished limestone product is supplied to the building materials, the crusher should be as finely crushing as possible. The limestone crushed by cone crusher not only has the fine finished products, but also contains less powder.

If limestone is used as building gravel, sand, and concrete aggregate, the impact crusher is the best choice because it can not only shape, but also make sand. It can process the limestone to the finished product with good shape and uniform size, which can significantly improve the performance of concrete.

Impact crusher, cone crusher--finely crushing

Impact crusher, cone crusher--finely crushing

ModelPrice ($)
Cone crusherLarge cone crusher$40,000-50,000
Middle cone crusher$20,000-40,000
Small/Mini cone crusher$4,000-12,000
Impact crusher$10,000-30,000

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3. Sand making machine--making sand

Sand making machine can process limestone into sand, and it can be divided into two types of fixed sand making machine and mobile sand making machine according to installing methods.

mobile sand making machine and fixed sand making machine

mobile sand making machine and fixed sand making machine

It has a capacity of 12 to 650 TPH, and the size of the finished product can be customized by the user's needs, and always within the range of 0.0125mm to 40mm. The finished sand and gravel have a good shape and the content of needled grain can be controlled within 5%.

Combined with the domestic and foreign advanced technologies, HXJQ Machinery has improved the limestone sand making machine. The production efficiency is high than the same size of traditional technology and equipment from 35% to 50 %, the particle size less than 5mm limestone sand accounting for more than 90%.

The running maintenance cost is lower than the same size of traditional equipment about 35%-50%, and the investment cost saves more than 25%.

4. Ball mill, Raymond mill--grinding

ball mill and raymond mill for grinding

Ball mill and Raymond mill for grinding

Ball mill and Raymond mill are the most commonly used equipment for processing limestone. The ball mill can grind the limestone in two methods of dry and wet grinding, the output reaches 615TPH. The max feeding size is 25mm, and the particle size of the finished product can be arbitrarily adjusted in the range of 0.074mm to 0.89mm.

HXJQ Machinery has specially developed the limestone ball mill according to the characteristics of limestone. And the equipment costs very low energy during the operation process, greatly saving the use cost. At the same time, the equipment can also work 24 hours continuously, greatly improving the work efficiency, which can bring unlimited benefits for customers.

Compared with ball mill, Raymond mill is cheaper and has the uniform size of the finished product that reaches up to 800 mesh (0.015mm), but it has a smaller capacity and only grinds in dry way. Therefore, Raymond mill is a kind of reasonable grinding machine and suitable for customers with small capacity requirements.

5. Rotary kiln--calcining

Rotary kiln is a kind of architectural material machine, and also a kind of machine used in the mining field, to receive the calcining of limestone. When processing limestone, rotary has the advantages of good calcining performance and long service life. It can meet the high standards of customers with good performance, several advantages and wide applications. Therefore, it is also a good machine used for processing limestone.

Rotary kiln for calcining

Rotary kiln for calcining

The all above machines have the advantages of easy operation and low noise during the using process, and with the improvement of machines, the structure is more and more simple. HXJQ Machinery has a reasonable use of advanced techniques especially the application of integration technology, which makes the equipment developed in the direction of miniaturization, and micromation. It is more conducive to the move, installation, transportation, and operation of machines, etc.

The operation of the noiseless mode makes the customer's satisfaction with the equipment reach the peak, realizing the green production of limestone to a greater extent, and highlighting the atmosphere of the environmental protection advocated today.


At present, the prices of high-quality limestone resources with high calcium content vary greatly from place to place. However, the un-renewable and un-creative resources, as well as the dependence of lime products on resources, determine the future trend of limestone resources.

Nowadays, as Malaysia is actively promoting infrastructure construction, limestone as the main building material should be more developed and utilized. The investment in the limestone quarry industry is sure to make a lot of profits.

If you are interested in our mining machines, please email us or fill in the right form when you are available, and our professional engineers will contact you immediately.


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