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Glass Crusher

What is a glass hammer crusher?

Glass is not only a necessary material in construction and people's daily life, but also the important material to science and technology. Meanwhile, our life inevitably produces a large amount of glass waste which will seriously affect our life.

Wide applications of glass hammer crusher

Wide applications of glass hammer crusher

The recycling glass is more than 5 million tons per year in America and the producing glass waste in China is more than 10 million tons per year. All the glass wastes are valuable treasures to us if we treat them reasonably. Recycling and reusing glass wastes will not only bring us economic benefits, but also bring benefits to our environment.

Glass hammer crusher is one of the hammer crushers produced by HXJQ Mining Machinery. Aimed at the features of glass, HXJQ has specially developed the hammer crusher for glass. This crusher is mainly processing glass bottles (such as beer bottle), glass pot, glass wastes, automotive glass and glassware, etc.

The features of glass

Glass is one of the inorganic nonmetallic materials, which is made of multiple inorganic minerals (such as quartz sand, borax, boric acid, barite, barium carbonate, quartz stone, feldspar, sodium carbonate, etc.). The chemical components of common glass are Na2SiO3, CaSiO3, SiO2, Na2O·CaO·6SiO2, etc.

Because the main components of glass are silicon dioxide and other oxides, the Moh's hardness of glass is about 6.5. Theoretically, the compressive strength of glass is between 700 and 1000 MPa, which is hard to crush.

The features of glass

The features of glass

However, the glass is very fragile, and the fragility of glass is in the range of 1300 to 1500 (relatively speaking, the steel's fragility is between 400 to 600, and the concrete's fragility is in the range of 4200 to 9350). According to this feature, glass can be laminated crushing by hammer crusher to achieve a good crushing effect.

Advantages of glass hammer crusher

Simple structure and small floor space

The glass hammer crusher has a compact and simple structure, and small floor space, lightweight, and simple installation operation, which can save the invested construction capital for the customer.

Wear-resistant parts

Advantages of glass hammer crusher

Advantages of glass hammer crusher

The main wearing parts of the glass crusher are the hammerhead. The glass crusher from the HXJQ Mining Machinery uses a high-chromium plate hammer with wear resistance and pressure resistance.

Its wear resistance, pressure resistance, impact resistance and performance are improved during the operation. It is safer and more stable, has a low problem rate, high operating efficiency, and long service life, which can provide customers with very large economic benefits.

High crushing efficiency

The hammer crusher can be used for both dry and wet crushing, and some recycled glass products inevitably contain some water. For this phenomenon, the glass hammer crusher sets the lower part of the counterattack plate to an open mode without a sieve. The material passes more, and the material will not block when the humidity is high.

Good output shape and adjustable particles

The inlet port is large, the disposal amount is large, the processing capacity is high, and the inlet and outlet ports can be adjusted correctly according to the actual production requirements of the customer, and the adjustment range is large, the discharge granularity can be adjusted, and the use of the agitation is strong.

Glass hammer crusher working principle

The bulk glass falls vertically from the upper part of the machine into the impeller of high-speed rotation, and is broken by the impact of the hammer head of high-speed rotation. The broken material obtains kinetic energy from the hammer head, and rushes from the high-speed to the baffle inside the frame.

Glass crusher working site

Glass crusher working site

At the same time, the glass collides with each other and is crushed several times. The material smaller than the gap between the screen meshes is discharged from the gap, and the larger material is crushed again by the impact, grinding and extrusion of the hammer head.

The crushed glass is extruded from the gap by the hammer head to form a closed circuit for multiple cycles, and is controlled by the screening device to achieve the required finished product particle size, thereby obtaining a product of the desired particle size.

Glass hammer crusher precautions

  • During the use of the glass hammer crusher, the wear of the liner, hammer and rotor should be checked regularly.
  • The hammer must be replaced in pairs at the relative position, otherwise the rotor will be unbalanced.
  • Add lubricant to the bearing after every 8 hours of operation.

Customer case

HXJQ glass hammer crusher in Nigeria

Processing material: glass

Customer's requirements: Hello, I am Bruce from Nigeria, and I am looking for a crusher to process glass. I want a glass crusher with the capacity of 30 tons per hour, and the input size is 300-400mm, and the final size needs to be 0-10mm, 10-20mm. Please send me the product introduction and quotation.

Configuration:  B500x15m conveyor,PC600x400 hammer crusher,B500x16m conveyor,B500x17m conveyor,2YK1225 vibrating screen,B500x10m conveyor(2 sets)

Total cost: $10,000

Customer feedback: Thanks for following up. The crushing line is working well now. By the way, I'd like to cooperate with your company in my next project. Hope you can support my project sooner.

Recommended Manufacturer of glass hammer crusher

HXJQ is recommended to be the supplier of glass crusher

HXJQ Mining Machinery—six advantages

  1. 1The shipped equipment has passed ISO quality inspection and the product quality is guaranteed;
  2. 2The equipment price is 10% lower than the market price;
  3. 3One-stop service: pre-sale, on-sale, after-sales. 24-hour customer service center is waiting for your consultation;
  4. 4HXJQ Mining Machinery has 40 years of experience and strong strength. Customers can come to the factory to inspect the machine;
  5. 5The equipment has passed the EIA certification, and the equipment meets the requirements of environmental protection operations;
  6. 6A large number of machines are in stock, and our company also supports customization to meet more customer requirements.


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