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Compound Cone Crusher

The introduction of the compound cone crusher

Compound cone crusher is also known as Symons cone crusher. It is a comprehensive cone crusher with a spring and a hydraulic cylinder, mainly used in metallurgy, building materials, road construction, chemistry, silicate, metal and non-metal mines, cement plants, sand production, hydropower engineering, mining, coal, glass and other industries. It has high-efficiency crushing capacity for hard materials such as shale, glass, ceramics, bluestone, metal ore, especially in the application of mechanical sand and metal ore.

The material compound cone crusher can crush and the application area compound cone crusher can be used.

Compound cone crusher has four crushing chambers, which are coarse, medium, fine and superfine chambers. It adopts the best combination of crushing frequency and eccentric distance, so that the finished material is finer and the output is higher. In addition, compound cone crusher has the characteristics of laminated crushing and excellent particle size.

The performance of the compound cone crusher

1. The structure of the compound cone crusher

External and internal structures of the compound cone crusher.

Compound cone crusher is mainly composed of a frame, a transmission shaft, an eccentric sleeve, a spherical bearing, a crushing cone, an adjusting device, an adjusting sleeve, a spring, and a discharging port. Its body is made of steel, with ribs in the heavy load part.

It provides spring-type protection device, the adjuster can quickly adjust the size of the crushed discharge material, and the complete lubrication system can prevent the oil temperature from getting too high and the flow rate from being too slow. 

It is also equipped with a safety device in order to reduce the time of machine halt. The structural design is quite reasonable with small floor space and good sealing performance of the internal structure, which can effectively protect the equipment from dust and other small particles.

2. The working principle of the compound cone crusher

Cone crusher can complete the crushing process between the fixed cone and the movable cone of the rotary motion. The motor drives the eccentric sleeve to rotate by the transmission device. The movable cone rotates under the eccentric sleeve, and the material can be crushed after repeatedly pressed and impacted by movable cone and fixed cone. The crushed material can be free-falling under the action of its own gravity and discharged from the bottom of the cone.

The process of crushing stone by the compound cone crusher.

3. The range of hardness

Compound cone crusher is suitable for various ores and rocks with hardness ≤5~16, such as iron ore, non-ferrous metal ore, granite, limestone, quartzite, sandstone and pebbles.

We usually use Platts method to classify the rock according to rock consolidating coefficient (f), for example:

Extremely hard rock: f=15~20, such as hard granite, limestone, quartzite, etc.

Hard rock: f=8~10, such as hard sandstone, soft granite, etc.

Mid-hard rock: f=4~6, such as general sandstone, iron ore, etc.

Soft rock: f=0.8~3, such as loess, its hardness is only 0.3.

Therefore, compound cone crusher is suitable for crushing all kinds of mid-hard and extremely hard rocks.

4. The requirement of feeding size and discharge size

Coarse crushing

Feeding size: 300 ~900 mm, discharge size: 100 ~ 550 mm

Moderate crushing

Feeding size: 100 ~350 mm, discharge size: 20 ~ 100 mm

Fine cruhsing

Feeding size: 50 ~100 mm, discharge size: 5 ~ 15 mm

The feeding size of compound cone crusher can be controlled at 35-228 mm, and the discharge size is determined by the distance between the movable cone and the fixed cone. Its crushing chamber can be divided into four types according to the crushing granularity requirements, which are moderate crushing, mid-fine crushing, fine crushing, and super fine crushing. The discharge particle size can be controlled at 3-64 mm.

There are many types of cone crushers, which are mostly used for moderate and fine crushing. The feeding size and discharge size can be adjusted in millimeters. Therefore, you can select the appropriate model according to the degree of crushing requirement.

5. The advantages of the compound cone crusher

  • Overload protection is stable and reliable with the spring-safety device.

  • It adopts the lubrication grease seal system and avoids the defects of water-supplying and discharging block as well as the easy mix of water and oil.

  • The hydraulic cleaning chamber is simple and quick.

  • Optimized laminating crushing can improve crushing ratio and output.

  • The discharge opening is adjusted by a hydraulic cylinder.

  • More evenly liner wear.

  • It is cheaper than most of the other cone crushers in the market.

The advantages of the compound cone crusher.


General situation

1. Check and record the temperature of oil return.

2. Record the coasting time of the horizontal axis of cone crusher during every pause, and the change of the coasting time also indicates the abnormal wear.

3. Check that if the horizontal shaft respirator and tank respirator are clean every week. The oil tank return filter should be inspected every day. If there is something wrong happened like copper scrap on the filter screen, you should check if there is any abnormal wear.

4. Check the surface of the air cooler to avoid the cooling effect becoming worse due to excessive dust on the cooler surface.

5. When the lubricating oil filter is clogged, the filter element should be replaced in time.

6. Check the accumulator precharge pressure every month, and replenish nitrogen if it is in need.

7. Check and adjust the engagement of the pinion and drive ring every month. Generally speaking, the cooler temperature of compound cone crusher should be between 45-52 °C, the return oil temperature is generally less than 60 °C, and the tubing pressure is generally 0.08-0.15 MPa.

Special situation

If compound cone crushers have worked in severe cold condition for a long time without any preventive measures, their service life will decrease. At the same time, the water or oil within the crusher machinery will be frozen. Therefore, doing a thorough inspection and maintenance for the crusher machines in the winter is very necessary.

  • Maintenance of diesel engine cooling system

    During the maintenance of the diesel engine cooling system, we should check the working state of the thermostat. Once there is the silt accumulation in the water tank, we must clear them away immediately.

  • Maintenance of the preheating device

    Check whether the wiring of the motor with battery is normal. It is necessary to charge the motor battery in winter and maintain the preheating device well.

  • Maintenance of braking system

    Check whether the brake fluid of crusher machine is sufficient, and whether the oil and water separator and anti-fouling switch are normal. It is necessary to make an adjustment in time for abnormal braking and deviation.


In August last year, a customer from Sri Lanka customized our three PSG1600 series of Symons cone crushers. He inspected the crushing equipment of many countries for half a year before purchasing. Their company is a supplier of granite materials, and they have rich production experiences.

Their original production line has many problems, such as backward equipment, serious pollution, high cost, etc. Therefore, they planned to update the outdated equipment. The output they required is about 250 tons per hour. The raw material size of granite is 600-800 mm. It is about 100 mm after coarse crushing with jaw crusher. They want to crush the granite into 3/8", 1/2" and 3/4" with a secondary cone crusher, and the output size is about 9-19 mm.

The compound cone crushers on site.

After inspecting, he finally chose HXJQ machinery. After knowing the customer's needs, our engineers made a solution according to their requirements. All of our cone crushers can process granite 250 tons per hour, so it's necessary to consider the input and output size of the granite.

At last, we recommended the PSG1600 series of Symons cone crusher to him. Its production capacity is 190-336 tons, the maximum feed size is 113 mm, and the discharge size can be controlled at 10-25 mm, which conforms to their requirements.

From the feedback, we can know that they are sure that we can establish a good cooperative relationship with each other. He found that the effect was very good that not only the high degree of automation, but also the amount of dust during the operation was greatly reduced, which improved the environment in the production area, so they purchased three cone crushers. Their equipment had a small problem on New Year's Day last year, and our company's technicians rushed to their scenes to solve the problems on holidays, which made them impressive. 

So far, their cone crushers have been running smoothly, and our technicians remind them to maintain cone crusher by telephone and email regularly. So the production plant can continue to operate, the output is steadily increasing, and the profit situation is very optimistic. Our customer feels that it is a wise choice to cooperate with our company.

There are many types and series cone crushers. Different types of cone crushers have different performance and application ranges. Therefore, customers must take their actual needs into account. In order to purchase suitable compound cone crusher, reliable manufacturers, operating costs, prices, and after-sales services are all necessary conditions for customers.


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